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Punching process chain

The punching process is a critical step in the creation of a sheet metal part. Careful planning, state-of-the-art technologies and continuous optimization make the process second-to-none in many cases. TRUMPF offers you complete support throughout the entire punching process chain: from design and work preparation to production and optimization.

Major advantages. And there's more to the story!

Improved safety through seamless support along the entire process chain.


More expertise through transfer of actual and digital knowledge.

Work preparation

More efficiency due to quick and easy set-up processes.


Improved performance in punching, forming, lasering and automation.


Greater perfection through digital optimization solutions.

More expertise

The success of your punching part starts with the design. With the PunchGuide TRUMPF provides you with a comprehensive knowledge platform for this first process step, and Optimate offers an effective check and optimization of your sheet metal components. In addition, we support you with a comprehensive range of training courses and workshops on the subject of parts design.

Our support for your design

Benefit from unique knowledge and our comprehensive wealth of experience in punching technology. We offer successful software solutions and AI applications for design review and optimization, an extensive range of training courses and workshops, and our personal support for questions. Your advantages at a glance:

Unique knowledge

You can always rely on our knowledge and experience.

Knowledge and AI

Reliably review your designs with our software and AI solutions.

Experts in sheet metal design

Gain expert knowledge through TRUMPF's training courses, workshops and customer support.

Higher part quality

Thanks to our practical tips and tricks, you will produce higher quality parts right from the start.

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We offer years of expertise, exclusive knowledge and tips to save you valuable time by using our web application when punching and forming. Discover the potential of punching technology and get inspired!


How to optimize sheet metal component design in the digital age: With Optimate. Create feasibility analyses, cost calculations and component optimization via CAD plug-in now!

Part optimization key visual
Part optimization

Our expertise in part design optimizes your production and saves you money. Take advantage of our practical knowledge from more than 500 workshops.

More efficiency

Complete your work preparation easily with the right tools for programming and set-up. Create your NC programs with TruTops Boost or get programming support with ScaleNC. QuickSet is also available for efficient set-up and measuring of your punching tools.

Our support for your work preparation

Higher productivity, cost savings and increased speed - the right software, tools, processes and training will provide you with these advantages for optimal work preparation when punching:

Quick and easy programming

Accelerate your work preparation with NC programming using TRUMPF's TruTops Boost software.

Programming as a Service

Let ScaleNC create your NC programming as a service.

Optimal programming process

Optimize your part quality, process reliability and cost-efficiency.

Quick and efficient set-up and measuring

Use TRUMPF's QuickSet to minimize error sources and increase process reliability in set-up.

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TruTops Boost

Get to know all the advantages of our software for 2D/3D design and programming. This will enable you to become more profitable and boost your business!


Complete NC programming and optimization, taking into account part quality, process reliability, cost efficiency and support in the optimal design of the programming process – learn more now!


In the MyTRUMPF customer portal you have an optimal overview and direct access to all important parameters relating to your tools: from the order overview to software products to service cases.


Error-free measuring and set-up of your punching tools with the TRUMPF QuickSet – save time and money when using your punching and laser punching machines!

Better performance

Optimally produced: Our punching machines and punch laser machines as well as automation components enable high productivity, save handling costs and simplify intralogistics – even for small series.

Our support for your production

With our machine and automation portfolio, you can obtain the completely processed part in the shortest possible time. Our punching machines and laser punching machines ensure optimized processes, higher punch laser speeds and increased precision for your component production. Your advantages at a glance:

Fast set-up and higher productivity

TRUMPF offers you punching machines and punch laser machines with extremely short set-up times and higher productivity.

Solve challenging tasks

Our TruPunch and TruMatic machines solve even your most challenging tasks.

Punching, forming and laser cutting on just one machine

Save valuable production time with TRUMPF through punching, forming and laser cutting on just one machine.

Easier - thanks to intelligent automation

With TRUMPF you can use intelligent automation options to relieve your operating staff.

The highly productive punch laser processing cell

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Experience the TruMatic 5000 with the new SheetMaster* in action!

To the product

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* available as of Spring 2024

A higher level of perfection

Get the most out of your machine and optimize your production!  Whether  this involves process optimization, spare parts, punching tools or monitoring and analysis. With our Services we offer you an extensive portfolio and comprehensive service.

Our support for your process optimization

Digital solutions for process optimization can help you increase productivity, identify optimization potential and sustainably reduce costs - entirely according to your needs. Your advantages at a glance:

TRUMPF Expertise

Benefit from TRUMPF's expertise when optimizing your processes.

Tailored to your processes

Optimize your processes with TRUMPF products and solutions tailored precisely to your needs.

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We support you with tailored solutions and service packages in the area of process optimization. Make optimal use of your TRUMPF products and adapt them to changes - we will work together with you to maximize your added value!

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