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TruHeat HF Series 7000

High performance generator with proven tube technology

Reliable high power for demanding heating processes

Even at high frequencies above 500 kHz, the TruHeat HF Series 7000 delivers constant and high power – ideal for uninterrupted long-term processes in the semi-conductor and photovoltaic industries, as well as for changing requirements in commercial heat treating. The TruHeat HF Series 7000 features generators you can rely on in any circumstance.

Proven tube technology

Guaranteed reliable process results even at frequencies above 500 kHz.

High and stable power levels

500 kW at frequencies up to 3000 kHz.

Large power bandwidth

Seven power units (10 kW to 500 kW) for a wide variety of induction applications.

Wide frequency range

400 kHz to 3000 kHz for optimal adjustment to the widest variety of heating processes.

High level of long-term stability even for critical processes

Floating zone (FZ) process for manufacturing high purity silicon.

Diverse applications

Inductively coupled plasma (ICP).

The best performance for your application

The robust design of the generator guarantees permanent availability in the industrial environment, thereby ensuring stable and uninterrupted operation with impressive productivity, even in critical long-term processes.

Proven tube technology means that the highest output frequencies and voltages can be generated; the integrated thyristor controller technology enables the fast and precise power adjustment. The generator and oscillating circuit are available as separate modules in order to set up space-optimized work stations.

Network connection data          
Line voltage (±10%) (±10%) (±10%) (±10%) (±10%)
Line frequency 50 Hz - 60 Hz 50 Hz - 60 Hz 50 Hz - 60 Hz 50 Hz - 60 Hz 50 Hz - 60 Hz
Line input power 210 kVA 63 kVA 252 kVA 126 kVA 21 kVA
Power factor 0.9 0.9 0.9 0.9 0.9
Rated power 100 kW 30 kW 120 kW 60 kW 10 kW
Maximum output voltage 6600 V eff 6300 V eff 7000 V eff 6300 V eff 5000 V eff
Nominal operating frequency 400 kHz - 3000 kHz 400 kHz - 3000 kHz 400 kHz - 3000 kHz 400 kHz - 3000 kHz 400 kHz - 3000 kHz
Length, power cable 3 m - 4 m 3 m - 20 m 3 m - 4 m 3 m - 20 m 3 m - 20 m
Communication interfaces          
Cooling requirements          
Maximum water pressure 6 bar 6 bar 6 bar 6 bar 6 bar
Minimum pressure difference 3.5 bar 3.5 bar 3.5 bar 3.5 bar 3.5 bar
Minimum flow rate 100 l/min 30 l/min 120 l/min 60 l/min 10 l/min
Maximum coolant temperature 35 °C 35 °C 35 °C 35 °C 35 °C
Ambient conditions          
Outside temperature 10 °C - 45 °C 10 °C - 45 °C 10 °C - 45 °C 10 °C - 45 °C 10 °C - 45 °C

The RF generator can be optimally adapted to different system environments due to different options.

Remote control unit

The remote control unit provides the same scope of functions as the control panel on the generator. This means you can operate the generator directly in the application environment while simultaneously monitoring the heating process.


Using a matchbox, known as an external circuit, the load (induction coil + workpiece) can be optimally adapted to the RF generator so that this can always output the maximum power. Various matchboxes are available for a variety of applications.

The choice of suitable system components means that the RF generator can be optimally adjusted to the required application.

The inductor geometry is specifically adjusted for the required heating process (ring, line or mold inductor).
Pyrometers are used for non-contact temperature measurements on surfaces up to 3632 °F. A coupled program controller enables temperature profiles to be followed precisely.
Process cooler
The process cooler ensures reliable dissipation of process heat. Versions are available for various power ranges.

This product range and information may vary depending on the country. Subject to changes to technology, equipment, price, and range of accessories. Please get in touch with your local contact person to find out whether the product is available in your country.

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