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TruHeat MW Series 1000 / 3000 / 5000

Compact high-tech microwave generator for your demanding heating task

Homogeneous, precise and reproducible microwave heating

To date, the industrialization of microwave processes offered only few options for affecting heating processes in order to achieve a targeted temperature distribution and reproducible results. Based on precise and quickly controllable semi-conductor generators, it is now possible to optimize the heating process in a targeted manner – without mechanically mobile components or extensive applicator modifications. With the TruHeat MW Series, the power can now be coupled to the exact resonance frequency of the applicator very efficiently which greatly increases the coupled power. For the first time, even complex heating processes of materials such as different ceramics, plastics or glass can be realized with extremely low dielectric losses.

150% reflected power

Even in the event of a mismatch (total reflection), the generators can be permanently operated thanks to the circulators integrated as standard.

Switchover time of one millisecond

Different field distributions and heating patterns can be combined by quickly switching over the frequency in order to achieve a targeted temperature distribution.

Synchronous phases

Different generators can be operated and pulsed phase-synchronously in multi-antenna systems. By varying the phase coherence between the individual generators, a significant field / temperature homogenization can be achieved.

Precise power regulation

Thanks to the pulsability of the generator, the plasma is controlled with extreme precision in the nanosecond range, so that the plasma temperature can be optimally set and it is possible to generate a non-thermal plasma.

Communication with several generators in real time

You can control the machine very quickly within a millisecond with the digital EtherCat interface. This enables precise heating and very exact processing results.

Direct magnetron replacement

Existing and/or disused systems can simply be converted and put back into operation with significant technical innovations. This means that the profitability can be increased with a one-off investment, as the system will then run without interruptions.

Above average service life

The generators of the TruHeat MW Series achieve approximately twenty times more operating hours than conventional magnetrons.

Imitation leather coating

In order to make adhesive layers absorb mainly on microwaves, the adhesive is treated with absorber before application. During this phase, the artificial leather remains cold. In addition, a significant improvement of the temperature distribution throughout the entire adhesive layer can be achieved with the TruHeat MW Series 1000 / 3000. This significantly improves quality.

Fruit dried with microwave vacuum drying

High-quality dried fruit can be easily produced by microwave drying without moving components. Thanks to targeted modulation of the microwave, it is possible to apply the energy homogeneously to the material to be dried, coordinating the energy application with the drying procedure.

3D microwave printer for continuous fiber-reinforced polymers

Continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composite materials (CFRTP) can be processed at high speeds with microwaves. TRUMPF generators are used because their output power can be regulated externally in real time. This is particularly relevant for curves, as the printing speed changes.

Efficient, non-contact heating of plastic foils

Thanks to the high frequency selectivity of our generators and the simple frequency tuneability, efficient heating of low-loss samples (for example, plastic foils for the packaging industry) can be achieved.

Graphene generation

Production of high-quality 3D graphene powder using precisely defined pulsed microwave generators.

Atomic layer deposition

Semiconductor-based microwave generators enable uninterrupted generation of dense plasmas to support crystal growth processes. The use of nanopulses can lead to considerable energy savings.

Silicon heating

Rapid heating of SiC/Si for various high-tech applications.

Chemical vapor deposition

Semiconductor-based microwave generators enable uninterrupted generation of dense plasmas for the production of artificial diamonds. Existing magnetron-operated systems can be retrofitted without any problems.

This product range and information may vary depending on the country. Subject to changes to technology, equipment, price, and range of accessories. Please get in touch with your local contact person to find out whether the product is available in your country.

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High efficiency and innovative GaN generator in the 2.45-GHz-ISM band for high-tech microwave applications
To date, the main obstacle and greatest disadvantage in the industrialization of microwave processes has been the lack of "options". Up to now, only mechanically mobile components such as rotating plates, agitators, etc. were available to influence the homogeneity of the heating process and to facilitate a targeted temperature distribution and a reproducible heating process.

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