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TruAccelerate Series 7000

High-capacity solid-state power amplifier for robust and automated system solutions

Reliable and powerful amplifier for robust and automated system solutions

Our microwave amplifier TruAccelerate 7000 is based on solid-state technology and contains integrated calibration and monitoring software. The optional high redundancy and modularity facilitate very reliable operation, long service life and very quick repairs. Furthermore, you benefit from the excellent robustness and high efficiency of the RF amplifier. The amplifiers are used in particle accelerators for fundamental research (nuclear physics, nanotechnology), highly precise and time-resolved material analysis at the atomic level as well as in medical therapy (radiotherapy), among other things. The TruAccelerate 7000 is constructed from several amplifier units and contains the TruAccelerate 3000 devices, a control unit (activation computer) as well as a power supply unit.

Customized system solution

Benefit from the high power classes adapted to your requirements, based on the TRUMPF system architecture. They are tested extensively in-house and at your site.

Smart software solutions

Our Smart Monitoring solutions enable system monitoring in terms of important parameters such as power or temperature.

Check out the central amplifier parameters

Set your specific threshold values which cause a switch-off in combination with a safety interlock.

Complete protection from reflection

The robust amplifier can permanently intercept one hundred percent reflected power – for a short period, even up to four-fold output with a Surge Pulse from the cavity.

Self-calibrating amplifier units

Benefit from a fast and safe exchange of the amplifier units onsite – without laborious calibrations.

Controlled redundancy

Depending on requirements, our amplifiers can compensate if several transistor units fail without any loss to the target output.

Microwaves in cavities for particle accelerators

The solid state power amplifier is used to generate high electromagnetic fields in the cavity particles and to accelerate the charged particles. This is why the TruAccelerate 7000 is used in fundamental research, particularly in the areas of materials and nuclear physics. It is used in collision experiments to create new matter and to generate unique photons in order to facilitate the most brilliant nuclear resolutions.

Medical therapy (particle therapy)

Our microwave amplifiers act as medical accelerators for radiotherapy in the treatment of tumors using heavy ions.

This product range and information may vary depending on the country. Subject to changes to technology, equipment, price, and range of accessories. Please get in touch with your local contact person to find out whether the product is available in your country.

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