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historical picture of the first sheet metal fabrication machine with a numerical control system from TRUMPF

The Success Story of Numerical Control

Historical picture of Berthold Leibinger and Christian Trumpf


Steady growth

In 1967, the company grows to 440 employees and generates a turnover of DM 20 million.

historical picture of the TruMatic 20 from TRUMPF
The TRUMATIC 20 is a sensation in Paris

With the TRUMATIC 20, TRUMPF presents the first sheet metal processing machine with numerical continuous path control. For the first time, it enables a fully automated work process, even including the tool change. All information required to process the workpiece is stored on punched tape. The TRUMATIC 20 causes a sensation at the 11th European Machine Tool Exhibition in Paris in 1968.

historical picture of the first solid-state laser by Haas company


Establishment of development department for solid-state lasers

Since the end of the 1960s, Carl Haas has been involved in laser technology. In 1971 Paul Seiler joins the company and establishes an internal development department for solid-state lasers.

historical picture of the headquarters building of TRUMPF in Ditzingen Germany


TRUMPF relocates to Ditzingen

The production conditions and transport infrastructure in Stuttgart-Weilimdorf are no longer suitable for the company. Through the years, Berthold Leibinger and Hugo Schwarz acquire shares from the Trumpf couple and following their passing in 1977, become sole shareholders of TRUMPF.

There are 800 employees working for TRUMPF. The company generates a turnover of DM 73 million and by now has registered more than 100 patents. Virtually two thirds of production is exported to more than 100 countries.

historical picture showing the company building of TRUMPF in Japan


Subsidiary in Yokohama

Berthold Leibinger, the new President and Chairman of the Managing Board of TRUMPF, returns from a study trip around the USA with a special item of luggage: a CO2 laser. In the same year, TRUMPF founds its subsidiary in Yokohama, Japan.

historical picture showing a worker with a deburrer

New Processes

historical picture showing a combined punching and laser-cutting machine of TRUMPF

Combining the existing with the new: Punching machines with lasers

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