From the customer inquiry to the dispatch of the finished part – the software range from TRUMPF optimizes your complete production process. TruConnect intelligently combines the software with machines and services to create tailored Industry 4.0 solutions for your Smart Factory.

Offer preparation

Save time and money when creating offers now: using TRUMPF software your customers have an offer directly – fast, reliable, and tailor-made.

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Production planning and programming

Utilize your production at optimal capacity: with TruTops production and programming software, your orders are perfectly coordinated, programmed, nested, and implemented in the production plan of your machines. Changes can also be easily made.

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Networked production

Machines and components communicate with each other via sensors and codes. Software solutions collect this data in order to optimize your processes. This allows you to have full transparency over your production.

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Intelligent automation solutions create an important foundation for cost-effective production because they make the production process efficient and reliable at all times.

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Intralogistics and setup

Prioritize and follow-up your orders. Additionally receive an ideal overview of where your parts are in production. The biggest potential for optimization lies between processing stations.

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Shipping and order conclusion

Easily manage customer orders from quotation through to delivery, right down to invoicing. In doing so, you can save and monitor all master data. Create and manage material orders simply and efficiently as well.

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Software Icon Angebotserstellung

Save time and money during offer preparation. With WebCalculate, your customers can obtain a quotation more quickly as they calculate it themselves online – fast, reliable and tailor-made. The software can easily be integrated into your existing Internet presence. Specific calculation requirements, such as special conditions, machine-hour rates, labor costs, or profit margins are incorporated into the calculation.

Additionally, TruTops Calculate quickly calculates the expected time and costs for parts and entire assemblies which are produced on TRUMPF punching, combination, laser, and tube cutting machines. The Quickjob module also takes into account postcalculations, part costs, material costs and additional costs for machine and operator.

Software Icon Fertigungsplanung und Programmierung

Precise planning is the foundation for getting the most out of your machines, and fast delivery to your customers. The TruTops production software takes a load off you in this respect. This allows you more time and process reliability, as part times and material consumption will be provided to you automatically for each manufacturing order. Additionally, you benefit from automatic data import to the TruTops Fab Quickjob module. The PPC interface allows you to submit the order data of each customer without any errors. The program computes your orders and shows you all available production capacities as well as all orders, at a glance.



Software Icon Fertigung

Record and analyze the machine data of all workplaces in your production. This way you keep an eye on everything and can react quickly in the event of a malfunction. This makes cost-effective machine time planning significantly easier. Evaluation and visualization of information stored in one database can be configured individually, and is accessible at the press of a button. The collected data can be immediately used for optimizing production.

Software Icon Automatisierung

Transparent and efficient – this is what your production will become through automated processes. They allow employees  to focus on their core tasks, and customers can trust you as a reliable supplier. The interaction of the machines with automation systems and software is also increasingly important for future-proof factories. With TruConnect we provide you with a tailored range of solutions for networked production.

Software Icon Logistik

Automation and digitalization increase the demands on intralogistics process design, and require intelligent logistics systems with solutions tailored to the individual customer. Automated storage and retrieval systems for example, are the answer to ever-shorter order cycles, smaller lot sizes, and shorter delivery times. Short setup times are another key to success for pared-down production; optimized setup processes increase flexibility. A flowing production is created, with shorter interims and throughput times.

Software Icon Versand

From quotation and delivery to invoicing: manage your customer orders and oversee all saved master data. You can create and manage your orders easily and efficiently. The entire process is supported with software – from enquiry, ordering, and goods receipt to payment transactions and credit. Additionally, purchase order proposals can be automatically generated based on minimum stock and delivery dates.

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