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Battery machines

Cordless freedom

TRUMPF power tools uses the world's most powerful rechargeable battery system from Metabo and is thus a partner with the Cordless Alliance System (CAS). The 18V LiHD battery machines are 100% compatible with all 18V rechargeable battery packs and rechargers from all CAS partners. We also offer products with a 12V drive, providing an optimum combination of compactness, weight and performance to your particular application. The 12V batteries are compatible within their voltage class – and also with 12V-class CAS partner machines.

High performance

The world's leading LiHD technology means more power, service life and runtime.

Fewer recharges - longer runtimes

From high-quality materials and smart battery management combined with brushless motors and Power-Head Technology.

Protecting cells

By cells being protected by minimal temperature build-up and permanent electronic single cell protection, even when used over very long periods.

Brushless motor

In contrast to conventional motors, BL motors work without carbon brushes. This makes them almost wear-free and they require hardly any maintenance

Range of 18V battery machines

100% compatible with all 18V rechargeable batteries and rechargers (12V-36V) from CAS partners.


Range of 12V battery machines

Rechargeable batteries compatible in their voltage class, including 12V battery machines from the partner alliance and the recharger (12V-36V).

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