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Generators for industrial heating

The TRUMPF Hüttinger generators for industrial heating applications, TruHeat MW and TruPlasma MW, are compact high-end microwave generators based on semi-conductor technology. They are predestined for demanding, non-contact heating tasks and supply homogeneous, precise and reproducible results.

Mittelfrequenzgeneratoren zur Induktionserwärmung

TruHeat MF Series G3

The generators of the TruHeat MF Series G3 are particularly suitable for applications in crystal growing and epitaxy. Our decades of experience with the industry-leading predecessor models of the TruHeat MF Series 3000 are incorporated in this new generation in terms of reliability and robustness, along with optimized cost considerations.

TruHeat MF Series 7000 (G2)

The TruHeat MF Series 7000 (G2) MF generators provide the highest power and maximum efficiency over minimal space – a unique combination on the market. The scope of applications ranges from classic uses such as hardening, annealing, soldering, melting, and forging, to special applications such as epitaxy and crystal growing.

Hochfrequenzgeneratoren zur Induktionserwärmung

TruHeat HF Series 1000 / 3000 / 5000

The TruHeat HF Series 1000 / 3000 / 5000 is comprised of universal generators for use in all types of industrial heating processes. Their compact design and different structural designs enable simple integration into new and existing systems.

TruHeat HF Series 7000

The TruHeat HF Series 7000 provides a constant and high power, even at high frequencies up to 3000 kHz. Due to reliable tube technology, they are suitable for use in uninterrupted long-term processes in the semi-conductor and photovoltaics industries, as well as for the changing requirements in commercial heat treating.


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Induction applications

Induction heating presents as many opportunities as it does challenges for developing the optimum solution for any process. TRUMPF Hüttinger generators can be used for traditional processes as well as for special applications.

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