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Watch and jewelry industry | TRUMPF
TRUMPF for the watch and jewelry industry

Watch and jewelry industry

Laser processing and high-quality coatings give jewelry and watches that special finishing touch. With their accuracy and flexibility, lasers are opening up many creative design possibilities for manufacturers of jewelry and watches. For example, lasers cut and weld components for premium watches as well as intricate ring settings.

Watch springs and housings

One of the first industrial uses for lasers was to weld balance wheels, which determine the timing of mechanical clockwork mechanisms. Even today, this is a common use for lasers, and laser welding remains the industrial standard. In addition to joining watch springs, the industry uses laser micro-welding in the production of bezels, housings, and metal straps. Laser technology can also be used for a wide variety of marking processes, ranging from numbering components to marking design elements on virtually any material. Decorative layers measuring just micrometers add a finishing touch to watch housings, while hard material coatings protect against daily wear and tear. TRUMPF Hüttinger provides the ideal process power supplies for this.

Gearwheels and hands

Lasergeschnittener Zeiger einer Armbanduhr

In the watch industry, precision laser cutting is even more widespread than micro-welding. In most cases it is used for the various gearwheels in the clockwork mechanism. Hands, dials, and different appliques represent other cutting applications. Maximum precision with minimal kerfs and high-quality cut edges are required here.

Crystal growing

When it comes to crystal growing for synthetic gemstones, it is crucial that the end product is of a consistent quality. TRUMPF Hüttinger induction generators distribute temperature in a homogeneous and stable manner due to fast and precise control of the output values.

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