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Challenge of component and variant diversity

Different materials, complex geometries and a high variety of variants – you are faced with quite a few challenges as a manufacturer of server and electrical cabinets. We are happy to support you in overcoming these challenges. In the past TRUMPF also faced similar problems when manufacturing machine cabinets and components. Benefit from our expertise in sheet metal processing and our machines which are optimized for processing the most varied of materials. The smooth production process will be accompanied by suitable software and automation solutions that sustainably increase productivity, flexibility and quality in your production and boost your competitiveness. Would you like your operations to be fully networked? Then we will help you embark on your journey in the Smart Factory and ensure maximum transparency on the shop floor.

Produce components and assembles with TRUMPF

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Are you facing challenges in machine and systems engineering? Then please just fill out the contact form. We will get in touch with you and gladly advise you.

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Areas of application

1. Top

Whether it is bending, punching or embossing – TRUMPF offers flexible production solutions for the multitude of top variants in server and electrical cabinets.

2. Doors & Sides

Doors and sides are the largest components in server and electrical cabinets. This is why our production solutions can achieve the most in terms of flexibility, ease of assembly and economy by cutting down on machining processes.

3. Mounting plates

From very small to very large: mounting plates come in a great variety of component sizes as well. Our flexible production solutions offer you precisely the flexibility you need for your high-end production.

4. Base & Floor

Time is money. So is space. We will work with you on an optimized design, thereby achieving high compatibility of cabinet and base, which will give you a great degree of space utilization, reduced workload and time savings.

Rely on services which will help you progress in the long run as well

Whether you need to create the best possible conditions for successful production, or make optimal use of your TRUMPF products and adapt them to changes flexibly – we will find options to sustainably maximize your added value together. As a partner, we support you with tailored solutions and service packages, enabling you to produce cost-effectively and to a consistently high standard.

Take advantage of our consulting!

Are you facing challenges in machine and systems engineering? Then please just fill out the contact form. We will get in touch with you and gladly advise you.

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TruBend Series 5000, productive all-around machine
TruBend – extensive bending options

Whether you are bending housings, doors, covers, brackets or profiles, the TruBend Series offers the right solution for all formed components in an electrical cabinet.

TruPunch 5000, productive high-end machine
TruPunch – countless processing options

Whether it is cutting, bending, tapping or countersinking – the TruPunch Series offers this variety in just one processing station, thereby making the production more lean, open and transparent.

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With the modular networking solutions from TRUMPF, we help our customers to create a continuous flow in their production facility, thereby arranging their entire production process with increased transparency, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness within the framework of Industry 4.0.

Part optimization, key visual
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Design your component more profitably – and save money. Together we will work out how you can make the most of the potential of your parts.

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