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TruBend Series 8000, a flexible large-format machine
TruBend Series 8000, a flexible large-format machine
Bending machines

TruBend Series 8000

Flexible large-format machine

TruBend Series 8000
TruBend Series 8000
Bending machines

TruBend Series 8000

Large-format machine in the new generation

Bending machines

TruBend Series 8000

ToolShuttle tool magazine

Flexible large-format machine

The machines in the TruBend Series 8000 impress with their precise versatility, a usable open height of up to 34 inches, large throat depths and a max press force of 1,000 tons. You can process particularly large and heavy parts up to a length of 26 feet. You can also bend smaller workpieces at several bending stations. Innovative characteristics such as lower tool displacement, CNC-controlled crowning, and the 6-axis backgauge provide you with complete application freedom. The work of the operator is made easier through numerous options such as the angle measuring system, the control – which is simple and intuitive to use – as well as clever ergonomic solutions such as the ToolShuttle.

Large dimensions

875 mm open height, 620 mm throat depth, 1,000 t press force, and 8 m bending length

A resilient design

The crowning capability and tool clamps have a load capacity of up to 602 tons.

Simple control

With the multi-touch control, operation is as easy and intuitive as with a standard tablet PC.

User-friendly and ergonomic

Numerous equipment options make production more enjoyable, safer, and more productive.

Precise angles

The LCB system measures angles in a way that is non-contact, wear-free, and independent of the tool.

Simple installation

Surface-mounted versions up to 20 feet save expensive foundations.

Flexible for numerous applications

The 6-axis backgauge provides you with complete freedom in use.

Ergonomic tool change

Simple setup for heavy tools; space-saving storage at the machine.

Highlights of the TruBend Series 8000
A tandem version or not?
Are you ready to bend big?
TruBend Series 8000
The new generation of the bending machine

With the TruBend Series 8000 you can bend oversize-format components particularly quickly and efficiently. Thanks to numerous automation functions, the machine is also ideal for your Smart Factory.

TruBend Series 8000, tandem design
Tandem version

You can run two perfectly matched machines either individually or together as one machine – for double the press force and double the bending length.

TruBend Series 8000, workpiece

The TruBend press brakes are so flexible that you can use them to solve the most varied tasks

Whether for large or small, complex or simple components – our patented technology ensures that the bending angle is right from the very beginning.

TruBend Series 8000, thick sheet part

The TruBend Series 8000 also achieves high angle accuracy in thick sheet parts.

TruBend Series 8000, long profile

The TruBend Series 8000 even bends long profiles in a straight line with high angle accuracy.

TruBend Series 8000, step bends

The TruBend Series 8000 easily processes thick sheet parts – even step bends.

TruBend Series 8000, correct bending angle

Whether for large or small, thick or thin, complex or simple components – the TruBend Series 8000 ensures that the bending angle is right from the very beginning.

TruBend Series 8000, high-tensile materials

Easily process thick sheet parts with the TruBend Series 8000 – even high-tensile materials are easy to bend.

TruBend Series 8000, oversize format processing

Oversize format processing: The TruLaser Series 8000 enables you to laser cut sheet metal with a length of up to 16 meters. With the TruBend Series 8000 you can bend parts up to 8 meters, or even 16 meters in tandem operation.

Press force 2300 kN 3200 kN 4000 kN 5000 kN 8000 kN 10000 kN
Bending length 5050 mm 5050 mm 4050 mm 4050 mm 6050 mm 7050 / 8050 mm
Width between columns 4050 mm 4050 mm 3550 mm 3050 mm 5050 mm 6050 / 7050 mm
Throat depth 420 mm 420 mm 420 mm 420 mm 420 mm 420 / 620 mm
User interface T8000T multi-touch control T8000T multi-touch control T8000T multi-touch control T8000T multi-touch control T8000T multi-touch control T8000T multi-touch control
Maximum Y press operation (optional) - - - - - 8 mm/s
Dimensions, weights            
Length 5990 mm 6010 mm 4950 mm 5090 mm 7170 mm auf Anfrage mm
Width 2160 mm 2160 mm 2160 mm 2360 mm 2760 mm auf Anfrage mm
Height 3720 mm 3820 mm 3920 mm 4070 mm 4570 mm auf Anfrage mm

Numerous functions make working with the TruBend Series 8000 even safer, easier, more ergonomic, and more productive.

Precision combined with productivity

TruBend Series 8000, precise angles from the first part
LCB (Laser Controlled Bending) angle measuring system

The LCB (Laser Controlled Bending) optical angle measuring system ensures precise angles from the first part. LCB measures an angle in a non-contact, wear-free procedure by using a laser which projects a line onto the sheet and a camera which detects the angle. This decreases material costs and increases productivity. The system, which operates irrespective of the tool, does not require any setup time and is easy to use.

TruBend Series 8000 6-axis backgauge

You are equipped for just about anything with up to 6 CNC-controlled backguage axes. Your workpieces are positioned precisely and securely – for perfect bending results.

TruBend Series 8000, MobileControl

MobileControl, the handy mobile control unit, can be attached with flexibility to metallic surfaces, such as the press beam, with magnets. This means the most important functions are always at hand and travel is reduced.

TruBend Series 8000, crowning

The automatic crowning is sophisticated right up to the last detail. You can adjust the crowning curve optimally to your bending task every 10 inches. The crowning facility has a load capacity of up to 6,000 kN/m.

Connectivity key visual
Digital connection and integration for smart solutions

Seamless integration of multiple TRUMPF machines into your own software environment is very easy. We have the right solution for every combination, whether it be integration into Oseon or a connection to monitoring and analysis tools. A connection to third-party software systems is also possible with our interfaces based on the OPC UA standard.


TruBend Series 8000, bending aids
Bending aids

The practical bending aid including automatic height adjustment provides valuable help – in particular when bending heavy or large parts. It has a load capacity of up to 660 lbs.

Support brackets

Height adjustable support brackets make component handling easier. The robust support brackets each have a load capacity of 660 lbs. and are available with different supports.


TruBend Series 8000 with lower tool displacement
Lower tool displacement

With the lower tool displacement you can perform two different bending operations with one tool. This increases part variety while saving setup time and investment costs. The lower tool displacement also enables special applications, such as folding.

TruTops Boost

Program your bending machines intelligently using TruTops Boost, the all-in-one solution for 3D design. Numerous automated processes save you time-consuming routine processes. You also profit from a comprehensive ruleset with the collated technical expertise of TRUMPF.

TecZone Bend

Program faster than ever before: With TecZone Bend you can combine bend programming in the office with shop floor programming at the TruBend bending machine. A program suggestion is automatically created in a few seconds based on 2D and 3D data – including NC program.


The software portfolio from TRUMPF optimizes your entire production process – from the customer query through to delivery of the finished part. TRUMPF combines the software intelligently with machines and services to create customized Industry 4.0 solutions for your Smart Factory.

Tool magazine

ToolShuttle, the practical tool magazine, stands directly next to your TruBend Series 8000 machine. During setup, tools are simply slid in and out of the machine, something that is particularly useful for heavy tools, saving time. The ToolShuttle has space for nearly 200 feet of tools and ensures everything is organized.

Standard tools

You can choose between more than 150 upper and lower tool types for your personal range. You can order tools individually or as a set.

ZN tools

During the processing of galvanized sheets, even after just a few bends, there may be zinc deposits on the die, resulting in cold welding. This causes imprints on the component and imprecision. This can be avoided with the TRUMPF LASERdur ZN bending tools. These combine a high level of surface hardness with excellent sliding properties, are corrosion resistant, and do not need to be cleaned.

Special tools

For specific requirements, TRUMPF will develop your own personal tool solutions. To guarantee part quality, we test the tools in advance with your specific material and create initial sample parts.

This product range and information may vary depending on the country. Subject to changes to technology, equipment, price, and range of accessories. Please get in touch with your local contact person to find out whether the product is available in your country.

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TruBend Series 8000, TruLaser Series 3000 fiber and TruLaser Tube 7000 fiber
XTREME Solutions

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Standard bending tools
Bending tools

More bending freedom: Benefit from our comprehensive range of bending tools or have special tools created to your requirements.

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