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Factory Gate and Device Gate connect your lasers and machines to your company network and/or the cloud. You can use these digital, technologically safe connections at any time to call up data and information about your devices. It is an important foundation for Industry 4.0. Device Gate is the smart solution for individual devices; Factory Gate for entire device pools.

Simple and above all safe

You can install the software on your own server for secure data transfer.

Scalable solution

Using Factory Gate you can integrate several devices into the network – even across sites.

Transparent at all times

Standard protocols (http/https) for complete transparency without the use of VPN connections

Fast expansion

You can expand your Factory Gate as required, also using applications from third-party providers.

Intelligent information provision

Results from expert analyses can be provided through the existing infrastructure.

Device Gate

Device Gate is already pre-installed in your laser ex-works. You only need to activate it to make the data from your laser available digitally. Using Device Gate you can, for example, send data from your laser or your machine directly and safely to the cloud or to TRUMPF. You can thereby make use of services such as Condition Monitoring. Device Gate is above all recommended when you would just like to network a single device. For constellations with several machines, Factory Gate should be used.

Factory Gate

Using Factory Gate you can network several lasers and machines digitally. You can connect all elements in your production facility with flexibility with the option of installing several Factory Gates in different instances of your network. You can install the software solution for this on your server, meaning data can be transferred unencrypted as everything remains within your secure network. The IT department permanently keeps an eye on the data transport. When data needs to be sent encrypted – i.e. when transferred beyond the limits of your company – different encryption technologies such as SSL/HTTPS are available. This technology means there is no need for VPN connections or open input ports.

TRUMPF Central Link

With Central Link, the Industry 4.0 interface for TRUMPF machines, you can network your production simply and reliably. With this interface, you can use services from the TruConnect range of solutions. You can also easily connect your local systems, for example an ERP, according to the OPC UA standard.

Condition Based Services

Condition Based Services are a building block for Industry 4.0 and your networked production. They consist mainly of the following elements: Factory Gate (which allows for lasers to be connected), Smart View Services, and Condition Monitoring. The objective is to increase the availability and productivity of networked laser systems, and to identify potential for savings.

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