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Scanner optics from TRUMPF
Scanner optics from TRUMPF
Processing optics

Programmable focusing optics

The ideal optics for remote processing

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    The ideal optics for remote processing

    The programmable focusing optics from the PFO series are the ideal optics for remote processing. The programmable focusing optics position the laser beam within the processing field using two mirrors. The mirrors change direction in a very precise and highly dynamic way. In conjunction with pulsed or continuous wave solid-state lasers, they weld points and seams without the need to move the workpiece or the focusing optics. Due to the plane field lens, the focusing conditions and therefore the processing quality are identical at every point in the processing field.

    Fast and precise

    State-of-the-art, digitally controlled drives ensure a fast pace.

    Welding on the fly

    Robot, laser, and programmable focusing optics are synchronized and positioned precisely in real time.

    Large selection

    In the PFO portfolio you will find a solution for every application, from the low-power to the high-power range.

    Absolute process reliability

    Increased process reliability and quality are possible with optional intelligent sensor solutions.

    Intuitive operation

    Set up laser welding and cutting programs in an intuitive, mobile, and quick way with the PFO SmartTeach app.

    PFO SmartTeach saves you a great deal of time during setup, and the time needed may even be cut in half, depending on the component. You can get the PFO SmartTeach app for free in the Apple App Store.
    PFO with image processing
    PFO with image processing

    Expand the programmable focusing optics from TRUMPF with options for image processing. PFO is able to detect geometries on the surface of the workpiece and adapt the laser process to the individual processing situation.

    Scanner-welded car door

    Car door

    The programmable focusing optics (PFO) from TRUMPF are especially well-suited for quick and reliable processing of large workpieces. The combination of robots and PFO brings together the best of both worlds: a large work area with excellent dynamics and precision, and a long focal length that enables large working distances from the workpiece.

    Scanner welding of a car door

    Scanner welding of a car door

    Using two mirrors, the laser beam can be positioned in any specified position within the processing field or space, or guides the laser beam along any desired contours. Since neither the workpiece nor the optics have to move, the PFO enables a high degree of productivity. At the same time, processing costs remain low and process results are reliable. "On the fly" processes can even be achieved using a special control unit.

    Scanner-welded rear center panel of an automobile chassis

    Rear center panel of an automobile chassis

    A high degree of precision and repetition accuracy across a large working range – robot-guided scanner welding results in immense increases in productivity with large workpieces.

    Scanner welding with the PFO 3D programmable focusing optics

    Scanner welding with PFO 3D

    The mirrors in the PFO 3D programmable focusing optics work in a highly dynamic manner. Quick beam deflection shortens processing and positioning time considerably.

    viewport test images /w Retina support

    Laser plastic welding with the PFO 20 programmable focusing optics

    Laser-welded plastic parts

    With the programmable focusing optics from TRUMPF, you can weld not only metallic materials, but also plastics. The PFO 20 optics are optimally designed for laser welding plastic and produce tight and aesthetically pleasing weld seams.

    Laser parameters          
    Wavelength 930 nm - 1070 nm 930 nm - 1070 nm 1030 nm - 1070 nm 930 nm - 1070 nm 1030 nm - 1070 nm
    Max. output 2000 W 2000 W 8000 W 8000 W 8000 W
    Optics configuration          
    Standard collimation 35 / 56 mm 90 mm 150 mm 150 mm 138 mm
    Available focal lengths 160Q mm 90 / 135 / 160Q / 163 / 254 / 264Q mm 255 / 345 / 450 mm 150 / 200 / 300 mm 255 / 345 / 450 / 600 / 900 mm
    z stroke - - - - +/- 22 / +/- 40 / +/- 70 / +/- 100 / +/- 220 mm
    Max. field size x, y (elliptic) 110 mm x 75 mm 47 mm x 18 mm
    76 mm x 51 mm
    110 mm x 70 mm
    170 mm x 120 mm
    170 mm x 140 mm
    180 mm x 136 mm
    220 mm x 178 mm
    286 mm x 230 mm
    180 mm x 104 mm
    240 mm x 140 mm
    320 mm x 190 mm
    - 106 mm x 182 mm
    145 mm x 256 mm
    206 mm x 352 mm
    252 mm x 420 mm
    406 mm x 630 mm
    Structural design          
    Width 185 mm 185 mm 185 mm 562 mm 411.5 mm
    Height 185 mm 185 mm 185 mm 277 mm 236.5 mm
    Depth 205 mm 205 mm 230 mm 229 mm 360.5 mm
    Protection type IP54 IP54 IP54 IP54 IP54
    Ambient temperature 15 °C - 40 °C 15 °C - 40 °C 10 °C - 40 °C 15 °C - 40 °C 15 °C - 40 °C
    PDF <1MB
    Technical data sheet

    The technical data of all product versions as a download.

    Expand the PFO programmable focusing optics with a variety of innovative functions.

    Integrated camera system for the PFO
    Camera connection

    Various cameras can be directly adapted to the PFO. A digital color camera system enables the sharp detection of contours and edges, for instance. The software of the PFO supports camera operation by way of touchscreen, crosshairs that can be set digitally, and the saving of images. Even in low light, the coaxial and therefore direction-independent lighting brings everything into perspective.


    The intelligent PFO (I-PFO) recognizes its own position in the work area of robot, and the position and orientation of the processing points. Based on information on the current robot movement, the I-PFO independently starts processing as soon as it is possible in terms of geometry and process technology. Remote processing "on-the-fly" is thereby possible, which greatly reduces both the positioning time of the robot and the cycle times in your production operations.

    Functional principle of the PFO SmartTeach application
    PFO SmartTeach

    PFO SmartTeach is an application for your programmable focusing optics in the PFO series. It makes creating and setting up laser welding and cutting programs easier. The camera installed on the C-mount of the optics transmits the live image to the app. This enables convenient teaching directly at the component. If you want to create and teach in PFO geometries, you can do this by way of intuitive gesture operation on a tablet PC.

    Reduction in contamination and spatter with the crossjet option

    Crossjet is a compressed air flow that runs orthogonally to the laser beam. It diverts contamination and spatter and thereby extends the service life of the protective glass. The laser process becomes more robust.

    Product image TruTops PFO

    TruTops PFO

    TruTops PFO is offline software for 2D and 3D programming of your PFO. You can define any paths, edges, or planes of objects created in the CAD editor or loaded from external sources as weld seams. You can simultaneously take into account clamping fixtures in order to optimize the welding sequence and therefore the processing time. The software makes it possible for you to program different wobble methods. You can use the network to connect TruTops PFO with TruControl.

    Product image TruTops I-PFO

    TruTops I-PFO

    To make the most of the advantages of intelligent remote processing, you can program the I-PFO with TruTops I-PFO. The offline 3D development tool determines the ideal process and optimizes the path and speed. You can simultaneously take clamping fixtures into account in order to optimize the path of the robot, the welding sequence, and therefore the processing time. The software also analyzes the cycle time and presents it virtually.

    This product range and information may vary depending on the country. Subject to changes to technology, equipment, price, and range of accessories. Please get in touch with your local contact person to find out whether the product is available in your country.

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