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Produktbild TruTops I-PFO
Produktbild TruTops I-PFO

TruTops I-PFO

Intelligent "on the fly" remote processing

"On-the-fly" remote processing made easy

With the TruTops I-PFO offline simulation software, you can simulate your complete remote welding process in the age of Industry 4.0. The software enables you to reproduce the welding cell components (robot, PFO, clamping fixture, component with welding geometries, and welding cell with walls) virtually. In the process these are linked so that you can run simulations of optimized movements (in terms of time) on the PC, taking into account all the relevant process parameters. You benefit from precise planning for your production system, optimized system utilization, and precise calculation of the cycle times. This means you are able to calculate the costs for welding before you begin production.

The best process for you

TruTops I-PFO reproduces your laser-based remote processing virtually and optimizes it.

Complete control

Simulation, process visualization and simple optimization of the cycle time

Optimized production planning

The 3D simulation supports you in planning your production in advance.

Virtual processes

You can transfer your processes from the virtual world to real time and back again.

Flexible choice of robot type

TruTops I-PFO is compatible with the majority of common industrial robot types.

Simple and flexible programming

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