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Ball deburring tool sample sheet
Ball deburring tool sample sheet
Punching tools

Ball deburring tool

Flexible deburring

Direct deburring on the machine

Using the ball deburring tool, you can deburr workpieces with a variety of geometries directly on your punching and punch laser machine. You benefit from high edge quality and reliable parts handling.

Faster production

Punching and deburring on one machine reduces throughput times.


Deburr complex contours of different sizes with just one tool.

Deburring at the limits

The beveled punch head also enables deburring near to formed sections.

Long service life

Hardened ball rollers specially manufactured for TRUMPF increase the service time compared to the previous tool by up to five times.


By deburring sheet metal parts directly on your punch or punch laser machine, you can save yourself the subsequent and time-consuming removal of punching burrs. This means you can reduce the throughput time of parts considerably. The improved edge quality also reduces the risk of injury during further processing. The ball deburring tool is above all suited to smaller contours, holes, and corners in workpieces. During processing, the punching burr is pressed down, resulting in a chamfer on the top side of the sheet. Due to the beveled punch head, it is also possible to deburr close to formed sections.

Sample sheet

Order a free sample sheet and see the benefits for yourself.

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