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MyTRUMPF fires up the turbo service

Rapid population growth and the scarcity of valuable arable land present farmers with major challenges. On the one hand, they have to work more productively, on the other hand, legislators and society demand environmentally friendly and sustainable action. This is a balancing act in which RAUCH Landmaschinenfabrik GmbH supports its customers worldwide with innovative and increasingly digitalized products. The international manufacturer of fertilizer spreaders, seed drills and winter spreader equipment has made a name for itself with its data-based exact dosing and technologies for the precise distribution of fertilizer, seed and spreading material. Digitalized production processes and a consistent flow of data and information are also the keys to success in RAUCH production. The MyTRUMPF online customer portal and the associated service app seem practically made for leaders like production manager Matthias Wittsack: the digital customer portal enables him to find exactly what he needs for the efficient 24/7 operation of his TRUMPF machines.

RAUCH Landmaschinenfabrik GmbH

The RAUCH agricultural machinery factory based in Sinzheim in the state of Baden-Württemberg is family-owned in the fourth and fifth generation. The internationally operating company supplies farmers, municipalities, large farms and contractors with fertilizer spreaders, seed drills and winter spreader equipment. Founded in 1921, RAUCH is still impressing customers worldwide with innovative products that stand for quality, reliability and a long service life. The innovation leader invests around eight percent of its revenue every year in the research and development of new solutions to support its customers in the implementation of statutory and societal requirements for modern, sustainable and ecological cultivation of arable land.

Metal processing
Number of employees
Approx. 380
Sinzheim (Germany)
TRUMPF Products
  • Service App
  • TruLaser
  • TruBend
  • TruMatic
  • Laser cutting
  • Bending
  • Punching


The order situation is good at agricultural machinery factory RAUCH Landmaschinenfabrik GmbH in Sinzheim, Baden. The production machines run continuously. "Every failure hurts," explains Matthias Wittsack, production manager for mechanical processing at RAUCH. He goes on to say: "Continuous digitalization of the reaction chain in the area of maintenance is therefore particularly important to us." For the TRUMPF machines installed at RAUCH, an extremely practical solution ignites the turbo service: the MyTRUMPF online customer portal and the service app. "Not only high-quality and fast machines are important for efficient production processes," Wittsack affirms. "Everything that keeps them running should function as simply and quickly as possible in routine operation. The opportunities that TRUMPF's digitalized service offers us cannot be quantified in money."

Our mid-term goal is paperless production. That's where TRUMPF's digital service solution comes into play.

Matthias Wittsack
Production manager of mechanical processing at RAUCH Agricultural Machinery Fabrication GmbH


Service cases, including processing status, various ordering options for spare parts and punching and bending tools, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, plus the latest software updates at any time, individualized training offers and bundled information about the machinery. These are just some of the offers that registered users of the MyTRUMPF online platform can use. For Matthias Wittsack, this is a clear advantage over the usual service offers from most machine manufacturers: "With MyTRUMPF, we not only save valuable time, but also benefit from a continuous flow of information. This transparency is very important in 3-shift operation."

He was particularly impressed by the service app, which can be used to create reports about machine problems around the clock. "We immediately receive suggestions for so-called technical guides that explain error messages and offer self-help assistance. This means that our maintenance staff have been able to fix 80 percent of all problems without the need for a technician," estimates Wittsack. All reported cases are transparently listed in the app. If a service engineer was on site for a problem after all, the respective maintenance and repair reports are recorded both in MyTRUMPF and in the app. This way, all machine errors can be traced at any time. This helps to find sustainable solutions or to provide a faster response next time.

Software updates can also be easily downloaded online from MyTRUMPF – whenever it is most convenient. The same applies to programming data for punching and bending tools," explains Wittsack. "Previously, the data was provided on flash drives, which first had to be released by IT for security reasons. It was time-consuming, but those days are long gone."

The E-Shops on MyTRUMPF ensure flexibility. "It is possible to order spare parts and tools around the clock," says Wittsack. "When I need a bending or punching tool, informative catalogs and intuitive user guidance help me with the search." Matthias Wittsack has created a favorites list for ordering consumables in the spare parts e-shop, thus he can reorder – without searching – at any time with the touch of a button. The order history, shipment tracking and paperless invoicing are a matter of course, providing transparency for everyone involved.


Matthias Wittsack has been using TRUMPF's digital service world since April 2018. On the personalized interface, he and all other registered users from his company have an overview of all machines, installed software, all contracts, and direct contacts. "I use the MyTRUMPF online customer portal, as well as the service app, about once a week," says Wittsack. "At the moment, only TRUMPF offers me the digital possibilities that I have here." In addition to the time savings and flexibility, Wittsack is particularly enthusiastic about the transparency: "Regardless of what one of our users initiates on MyTRUMPF or in the app: Everything is clearly documented and traceable by anyone else at any time. This provides us with a continuous flow of information without having to expend a lot of energy."

Looking ahead

A lot has happened on MyTRUMPF in recent years, but Matthias Wittsack has never known anything but this level of quality from TRUMPF. There are always improvements and further developments in machine and digitalization technologies, and that appeals to him: "We are always in touch with our direct contacts and I like the way our suggestions and proposals are always taken seriously." The fact that TRUMPF has used the MyTRUMPF online platform to digitalize the service and thereby bring it to a whole new level makes work a lot easier and faster for him and his employees. And Wittsack knows this for sure: "TRUMPF will definitely not stop here. I'm excited to see how the platform develops in the future."

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MyTRUMPF Customer Portal

The MyTRUMPF customer portal provides customers the opportunity to manage their machinery online. The platform combines many processes related to TRUMPF machinery. Regardless of whether it is maintenance, production preparation, spare parts ordering, rectifying a machine malfunction or even software updates – in the MyTRUMPF online portal, customers will find numerous functions that make day-to-day production easier.