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How to cap your costs with welding systems

Smaller lot sizes, rising cost pressure: the competition is becoming increasingly tougher for sheet metal processors. At the moment, the welding process is the greatest cost driver. Use this lever to make savings. Bring the efficiency of a fully synchronized production into your company with an automated welding system – putting you one step ahead for future quotes.

Automated welding pays off for you

Numbers don't lie. We therefore show you a financial comparison of manual TIG welding and laser welding. The workpiece: a hood made of mild steel which has to satisfy high visual requirements.

The result: when joining with laser welding, you can reduce the time required by up to 90% and costs per part by 65%. If you utilize up to 50% of your system in a shift with these types of components, it pays off in around two years.

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This calculation is based on average values typical for Germany and a quantity of 500 hoods that are produced in 10 units of 50 pieces each. In the case of TIG manual welding, the welding time per part is approx. 45 minutes; when using automated laser welding, it is only approx. 2 minutes. Reworking is also eliminated when laser welding this hood. In the case of a conventional welding process, this adds another 10 minutes to each part. This gain in time per part more than compensates for time spent programming the order, the costs for the fixture and the setup time per lot, which are comparatively higher in the case of laser welding.

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The demand for laser welding work increased so quickly that just one year later, we purchased a second laser welding cell.

Vaclav Kriz
Production director at Sinop SMP s.r.o.

TRUMPF got it just right with the TruArc Weld! You can set up and run a program in a flash. This means that we can use the robot economically, even for small batch sizes from three parts.

Marcel Wendt
CEO of ABP – Innovative Blechbearbeitung GmbH

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Automated welding pays off

Automated welding pays off from a lot size of 1. You program and weld a simple weld seam in less than a minute with the TruArc Weld 1000. This means that automated arc welding saves time by 21 % even for this single console.

The success story of our customer apra-norm Elektromechanik GmbH

Welding for five minutes instead of two hours: apra-norm replaced its welding and grinding technology with a TruLaser Weld 5000 in order to master the increased order volume.

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The success story of our customer Pfannenberg GmbH

A good welder is hard to find – an automated arc welding system from TRUMPF provides the remedy for Pfannenberg. The highlight is the system's easy operation.

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The success story of our customer Böhmer Systemtechnik GmbH

No-one does it quite like Böhmer Systemtechnik GmbH when it comes to welding large parts. The company has now extended its portfolio by launching into the world of laser welding.

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