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Performance monitoring for complete transparency regarding machine productivity

Machine productivity is essential for successful industrial manufacturing. Therefore, performance monitoring from TRUMPF provides all the key productivity figures for comprehensive evaluation of the machine's performance. You can check and analyze the status of all consumption easily and at any time on the TruPrint HMI. After the build job is complete, a comprehensive report is created via Performance Monitoring. This report contains all the important facts about the assignment as well as findings from the other monitoring observations. You can easily configure and design this report according to your needs. In order to display machine consumption or key productivity figures such as shift times, fusion rate and running times as clearly as possible, all performance parameters are prepared graphically for you. You also benefit from target/actual comparisons based on the process and condition monitoring data. This enables you to carry out a comprehensive analysis of the build job. By collecting all productivity and utilization factors, performance monitoring contributes to more economical production overall.

Note: This product range and this information may deviate depending on the country. Changes in technology, equipment, price and available accessories are reserved. Please get in touch with your local contact person to find out whether the product is available in your country.

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