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Smart Teach App product image
Smart Teach App product image

PFO SmartTeach app

Mobile teaching

Smart laser processing

With the PFO SmartTeach app, you can create laser programs for your programmable focusing optics (PFO) in the blink of an eye. Whether it's laser welding, laser cutting, or laser cleaning – you can teach conveniently directly on the component. For this, the camera integrated in the PFO transmits live images to the app. PFO SmartTeach helps you save valuable time (up to 50% depending on the component) when setting up compared to conventional teaching.

Mobile teaching

Use your tablet PC to create the PFO geometries and set up your component.

Great time savings

Depending on the component, your time can be reduced by half.

Simple operation

You can call up all the functions through intuitive touch gestures.

Create your PFO program conveniently and quickly

There are two options for creating a PFO program. You can either measure the welding contours on the workpiece and enter the values manually into the program memory of the FPO, or it can be created through teaching. Here, you adjust the scanner mirror so that the focus is on individual points on the welding contour. When the focus is precisely on one point of the welding contour, the coordinates of the point can be transferred to the program memory "at the press of a button". In this way, geometric figures such as lines and circles can also be entered to create complete welding contours.

Due to PFO SmartTeach you can save a lot of time during setup. The time needed for this may even be cut in half, depending on the component. PFO SmartTeach synchronizes the created or modified programs with the laser. Users of the TruControl control software easily find their way. The familiar characteristics for the creation of a PFO program remain, and therefore so do the usual processes and functions.

Download it now for free:

You can obtain the PFO SmartTeach application for free in the Apple App Store: test the app without any risk. For use in production, enable the PFO SmartTeach app option.


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