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TruTops Boost innovations

Find out here what innovations the current release of TruTops Boost has to offer.

Version 17*

Support of design profiles in 2D import

Through the use of design profiles, you can control the import and boosting of 2D geometries in a similar way to 3D models.

Performance improvements in importing and dismantling assemblies

Import and dismantle assemblies much faster than before - without using TecZone Design.

New time calculation for TruMatic 1000 / 3000 and TruPunch 1000 / 3000

The new time calculation for the TruMatic 1000 / 3000 (K07/K09) and the TruPunch 1000 / 3000 (S19/S20) provides more accurate processing times for these machines.

New approach dimple function for punch laser machines and TruLaser Center 7030

For TruMatic machines and the TruLaser Center 7030, approach dimples can be created on single or multiple contours with adjustable parameters.

Display of the subsequent workstation in TecZone Cut

If the subsequent workstation has been set in an order, TecZone Cut can display this in the palletizing and in the single sheet view.

Placement of small parts on pallets

Use the pivoting-jaw gripper to place small parts on a pallet.

New TruBend Cell 5000 Lean Edition support

Program the new TruBend Cell 5000 Lean Edition in TecZone Bend. 

TruBend 8000 (B36) Series support

Additional versions of the new TruBend 8000 (B36) series are supported. 

Configurable result lists

The information displayed in the result lists can be configured on a user-specific basis.

Subsequent workstation after cutting

The subsequent workstation can be managed in HomeZone. Alternatively, a transfer from the Oseon work plan is possible.

Version 16

Standardized tool assignment in TecZone Design and TecZone Bend

Benefit from the standardized tool assignment in Design and Bend with fewer messages and thus less post-processing. 

Improvements in GEO Viewer

Check the generated cut geometry for important properties such as stored tools or recognized formed sections in GEO Viewer.

Configurable results list

The display of the results list can be set user-defined.

New setting for Boost for geometry import

You can decide if the part is boosted when the geometry is imported. Adjust and customize the setting for your processes.

Simple navigation to parts with a double click

Double click in the single part overview bar focuses parts in single sheet view and part overview and marks sheets with the part in the sheet overview.

Switch off gas automatically when positioning

When positioning between cutting processes the gas pressure is switched off. This reduces energy costs and increases process reliability.

Improved nesting taking into account the single part cutting solution

All processing on parts and sheets is taken into account when nesting. Activate the process rules NestGmtsForPunch to do this.

M and S Multigripper support

Utilize the flexibility of the M and S multigripper in order to execute a large variety of parts with one gripper on the TruBend Cell 5000.

More flexibility by automatically placing small parts

You can now place small parts onto a pallet using a gripper or drop them into a box using a suction cup gripper. 

TruBend Series 8000
TruBend 8400 (B36) Series support

You can program the new TruBend 8400 (B36) in full in TecZone Bend.

New bending aid for the TruBend 8000 Series support

Benefit from the support of the new bending aid of the TruBend 8000 Series. 

Version 15

Improvements to the preparation of 2D data

Benefit from the improvements to the preparation of 2D files, such as additional smoothing options and performance enhancements.

Automatic 2D form recognition

In addition to 3D form recognition, you can now also replace 2D forms in cut geometry using working strokes, processing samples or other 2D templates.

EdgeLine Bevel with the rounding edges function

Advantages of rounding edges: Improved paint adhesion and reduction of cutting injuries.

Optimize the assignment of containers across sheets

The sorting of equal parts into equal containers is carried out across sheets using Boost and can be carried out in the sheet overview.

TruBend Cell 5000: Stacking against a beveled wall

Flexible stacking of parts against a beveled wall is now possible.

Enhancement of bend deduction management

The input for customer tools has been revised. The creation of new bend deductions is significantly quicker and more comfortable thanks to the copy function.

TruBend Cell 5000: Support for all small parts removal station options

All installation versions of the small parts removal station are now supported.

TruBend 1225 - B42

The new novice bending machine TruBend 1225 4-Axis can now be programmed.

Machine change on a cutting job

The cutting machine of the job can be changed in HomeZone.

Preview the number of parts using sheet templates

Preview the number of parts in the order list when selecting a sheet template.

Version 14

TruTops Boost V14, Screenshot Lean Nest
Focusing on Lean Nest as a nesting profile

Benefit from our simplification in the nesting sector by focusing on Lean Nest and the new added values based on new behaviors concerning the TwinLine blocks, as well as nesting single part cutting solutions in the laser sector.

TruTops Boost V14, Screenshot Performanceverbesserung
Performance enhancements for faster operation

Benefit from a faster operating experience thanks to new performance enhancements - particularly for perforated sheets.

TruTops Boost V14, Screenshot Nanojoints
Intelligently tacked parts with nanojoints

Minimize marking in tacked parts with the new nanojoint function.

TruTops Boost V14, Screenshot EdgeLine Bevel
New EdgeLine Bevel module

Reduce your post-processing by creating a welding edge or counterbore on the laser processing machine.

TruTops Boost V14, Screenshot Verbesserung Abstapelmöglichkeiten
TruBend Cell 5000 - significant improvement of stacking options

Features and enhancements offer many new options for stacking parts on pallets.

TruTops Boost V14, Screenshot Störkonturen
TruBend Cell 5000 3D model import of customer cell components

Importing cell components as obstructions or deposit stations is supported.

TruTops Boost V14, Screenshot Import von Greifern
TruBend Cell 5000 3D model import of grippers

Importing grippers using ARV files is supported.

TruTops Boost V14, Screenshot Import- und Abwicklungsprofile
Import and development profiles

Control the geometry import and generated cut geometry using profiles.

TruTops Boost V14, Screenshot Konvertierungstool
Conversion tool

Process stacks and convert 2D and 3D geometries before import in TruTops Boost.

TruTops Boost V14, Screenshot externe Dokumente
External documents

Add documents to your parts and orders.

TruTops Boost V14, Screenshot Wiederherstellung von Tabs
Restore last view

The tabs which were last used, including filters and sorting, can be restored when starting HomeZone.

Version 13

TruTops Boost V13, palletization module
New palletization module for SortMaster Speed and Compact

Benefit from an improved automatic palletization suggestion and a more precise check for interactions.

TruTops Boost V13, sheet program
New options for updating parts on sheets

When updating a part within a sheet program, utilize the different selection options, from replacement to removal of a part.

TruTops Boost V13, single part cutting program
Improved update of cutting programs

Update the single part cutting program for geometry adjustments of the part, taking the existing processing into consideration.

TruTops Boost V13, enlarged preview graphics
Large preview images in HomeZone

Identify the differences in similar parts in the results list more easily thanks to enlarged preview graphics.

TruTops Boost V13, main information strip
Main information bar

Use the main information bar for quick access to the most important data of single parts and components of one assembly

TruTops Boost V13, 2D form recognition
2D form recognition

Analogous to 3D shape recognition, formed section contours can now also be replaced in 2D by assigned punching tools or processing samples

TruTops Boost V13, screenshot - GMT nesting
Improved nesting taking into account the single part cutting solution

Reduce the adaptation requirements during nesting by following the single part cutting solution for TruLaser machines (excluding TruLaser Center 7030).

Version 12

Configurable toolbars

Compile frequently used functions in individually configurable toolbars to program sheet programs more quickly.

SortMaster Compact with TruPunch 1000
TruMatic/TruPunch 3000 with SortMaster Compact

Program the new TruMatic/TruPunch 3000 with Sort Master Compact.

TruTops Boost V12, 2D comparison in TecZone Design
2D comparison in TecZone Design

Compare 2D geometries and apply targeted changes from one part to another.

LoadMaster, smart functions monitor the separation of parts
Advanced SortMaster removal

Generate removal for the SortMaster with automatic use of the continuously extendible suction cup slats.

TruTops Boost V12, Lean Nest without time limits
Lean Nest without time limit

Use the new nesting algorithm without a time limit to achieve even better scrap-optimized sheet utilization.

Version 11

Version 10

Version 9

*Find out from your contact person at TRUMPF when the respective TruTops Boost main version is available in your country and how you can obtain it.

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