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The perfect production flow with Oseon

Oseon combines production control with the advantages of a logistics system for the sheet metal sector – which is totally unique to date. You too can create your own perfect flow with the open software.

Oseon: As much as possible, as simply as possible

As a sheet metal processor, you face complex and diverse challenges every day. How do you control your production with efficiency and maximum flexibility? Oseon is used to network production processes, machines and employees. Thanks to simple integration, Oseon links up further MES-, WMS- or CAM-systems and supports your team throughout the entire sheet metal process chain: everyone receives the information needed at that moment in time. Choose between the Go, Grow or Flow Oseon solution package that will enable your operation to master the current demands in the best possible way – and you can adapt it at any time as needed.

One software for modern sheet metal processing

Conventional software is usually structured according to function, in sections such as "Production" or "Logistics". This means users have to tediously switch between modules. Oseon, on the other hand, connects. The software is geared towards the needs of the various users and provides targeted support – thanks to mobile terminals everywhere. Following the motto "Work flows", Oseon closes media gaps and controls the entire workflow on request.


Consistent and transparent display of the production and logistics processes


Profitable production of even small batches up to lot size 1

Part tracking

Track parts in real time throughout the entire order and material flow


Maximum machine and goods availability with minimum downtimes


Releases staff from routine tasks and simplifies the work with the information relevant for the job profile


Facilitates shorter production and delivery times and a faster response to customer requests

Data base

Oseon acts as a central production data base and combines orders, logistics and analytics

Optimum support for staff

Whether a machine operator or head of production: Oseon supports the different roles in the company and displays their daily working routine. This means that everyone can see exactly what they need – and management can keep their eye on the big picture. Another advantage: even newcomers can operate it quickly thanks to guided work steps, leaving them motivated and working productively.


Oseon production software: the perfect production flow made easy

TRUMPF Oseon key visual

Whether parts spectrum or technologies: often nothing is as constant as change itself. How do you stay flexible and keep your production flowing? Oseon combines your production control for the sheet metal process chain with the advantages of a logistics system. Existing WMS- and MES-systems can be linked seamlessly. Your production can be extended as you like with the Go, Grow and Flow packages.

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