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What does an Industrial Mechanic at TRUMPF do?

Enthusiasm for technology is what sets our Industrial Mechanics apart. During training, they can try out the latest technologies and then use them later in their careers. Just like Adrian Bippus, who after training as an Industrial Mechanic now works on high-power laser systems at TRUMPF Lasersystems for Semiconductor Manufacturing. We asked him 5 questions.

"New colleagues definitely need to be reliable and have a good sense of humor."

Adrian Bippus
Industrial Mechanic

What was your most brave moment?

There hasn't been one specific moment requiring me to be brave so far. But I think you always have to be brave to take on new and varied tasks and projects when it's unclear at first how they will develop.

What is your job like?

As an Industrial Mechanic, I assemble EUV assemblies for TLSM, which are later installed in final assemblies and then sent as complete systems to ASML, our customer in Holland.

What makes your job so exciting? Why do you like doing it?

Assemblies change regularly and you get extras projects which keep you challenged. That brings variety to the job, makes it fun and motivates you to do more.

What's special about working at TRUMPF?

For me, the special thing about working at TRUMPF is the ultra-modern working environment and how we work together as people. You also have plenty of opportunities for further training and to develop within the company, something I really value. The delicious food in Blautopf, our company cafeteria, also needs a mention!

What do you think people need for the job?

New colleagues definitely need to be reliable and have a good sense of humor. Enthusiasm and curiosity for new topics are also definitely an advantage.

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