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Web special, "Hit the ground running with TRUMPF" | TRUMPF

Ready? Let’s grow!

Would you like to expand or establish a sheet metal processing facility? TRUMPF is at
your side as a reliable partner to help you make your project a reality. Find out more
today and chart your course to a successful future!

Hit the ground running with TRUMPF!

Would you like to expand or establish a sheet metal processing facility? You'll be asking yourself many questions here: what do I want to produce in the future? What machine will I need here? Can I use it to capacity? Do I have enough space? How will I finance my plan? Who will support me through the construction of my production facility? A trusted partner makes shaping the future easier. This is what "Hit the ground running with TRUMPF" stands for. Learn more about it now.

"From a one-man operation to in-demand sheet metal specialist – five years ago this was nothing more than a dream. I have made it come true together with TRUMPF. My contact person there is still my personal advisor today. What I especially like is that TRUMPF is also a family company that values long-term and healthy growth. That's why we go well together."

Your future – your partner

Be it business expansion, replacement investments, or establishing a business: you need the right technology for your plan. From a provider who is there for you at all times – when selecting the right machine and throughout its entire service life. The most important thing in this regard:

What must your machine be able to do?

Whether you are cutting, punching, or bending sheet metal, you need a user-friendly machine that works reliably. One that is easy to finance and which offers prospects. And one which means you gain a strong partner.


The required expertise is already in the machine so that you can get started immediately.


Machines by TRUMPF are robust and durable. They produce reliably and to a high quality – over many years and even decades.


Be it for laser cutting, punching, or bending: with a powerful machine you are set for future success.

Stable value

You can still sell a pre-owned TRUMPF machine profitably after many years.


You need a compact machine which is powerful without requiring much space.

Reliable in every technological area

Chart your course to a successful future with the right machine. This is not a path you need to travel alone. Because we will be by your side each step of the way – before, during, and after your investment. In this way, you, us, and your new machine become an unbeatable team.

Our products for you

  • Complete solutions for laser cutting, punching, and bending
  • Machine, laser, or software: everything produced in-house
  • Training sessions for every product ensure that you are prepared
  • Service from A to Z ensures your success
TruLaser 1030 fiber, main product image
Our products for you

Laser cutting with TRUMPF

High quality, robust, and cost effective

  • Cutting of all conventional materials and sheet thicknesses
  • Cutting data for every material is already stored
  • Reliably deliver very good quality over the machine's entire service life
  • Machine tip: learning to operate the TruLaser 1030 fiber machine is especially easy
TruPunch 1000, wirtschaftliche  Einstiegsmaschine
Our products for you

Punching with TRUMPF

Cost effective entry level punching machine

  • Ready for numerous applications
  • Versatile punching with 360 degrees tool rotation
  • Easy operation thanks to user-friendly control system
Our products for you

Bending with TRUMPF

Taking care of common bending tasks with reliable accuracy.

  • Innovative Crowning ensures accurate bending angle
  • Stable closed frame structure minimizes risk of machine deformation
  • Mechanical or hydraulic clamping systems enable reduction of set up time and tool installation
TRUMPF Software
Our products for you

Software by TRUMPF

Simply get started

  • Every TRUMPF machine tool has the right software to go with it
  • Easy automatic operation
  • That way, you get the best out of your sheet metal processing
Services key visual
Our products for you

Services by TRUMPF

You produce – we take care of the rest

  • Tools and consumables: durable and ergonomic
  • Global service network: we can arrive at your site quickly
  • We solve over 65% of service requests over the phone: remote support saves time and money
  • Production support: your successful introduction to sheet metal processing
  • Consulting, maintenance, or optimization: we are always there for you

Our products for you

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Partnership with TRUMPF

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