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Part separator

TruTool PS 100

Remove parts easily

With the pneumatic part separator, the sheet metal composite is vibrated by impact pulses and the parts simply detach from the scrap skeleton. TruTool PS 100 is the perfect solution for separating nanojoint connections - machining is quick and easy. The part separator is also great for microjoint connections. With its compact design, the machine sits comfortably in the hand. The variety of holding positions on the machine head as well as on the handle means you can vary the holding position while you work. The result: an ergonomic and user-friendly mode of operation for efficient and fatigue-free work.


With the TruTool PS 100 you can separate connecting parts of up to 12 mm, no matter whether steel, chrome steel, aluminum or special steel is being processed.

Quick work speed

Separation of parts is up to 10x faster compared to manual removal. Even for small parts with recesses.

Change is the best position

Different holding options on the machine head and on the handle mean you can vary the machine position while working.

Apply pressure precisely

You determine the frequency of the hammer blows by applying pressure at specific points, depending on the material thickness and joints (nano- or microjoints).

High quality

Thanks to the rubberized hammer insert, there is no tilting or damage when removing the small parts.

Standard - Soft - Hard

Use different hammer inserts to suit the material and sensitivity of the parts.

Part separator: video on the area of application
TruTool PS 100, dimensional drawing

Pneumatic drive

No typical country variations required, as each country has a variety of different systems and nominal sizes. We deliver the part separator with two connections with a nominal width of 5.5 and a connection thread of 1/4". This covers the most ISO and ARO common systems.

Remove small parts from the scrap skeleton

Easy removal of small parts that are connected with micro or nanojoints.

The following consumables and the corresponding accessories are included in the scope of delivery.

Disc (installed)
1 unit (2601542)
O-ring set
1 set (2598672)
Compressed air inlet port ARO Series 22 R1/8a (installed)
1 unit 2799307
Compressed air inlet port ISO 6150 B DN 5.5 (installed)
1 unit 2797504
Standard hammer insert (installed)
1 unit 270048
Allen key DIN 911-6
1 unit 0067865
Allen key DIN 911-4
1 unit 0067849

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1 unit  2601542
O-ring set

1 set  2598672
Hard hammer insert

1 unit  2598673
Soft hammer insert

1 unit  2761731
Compressed air inlet port

ARO Series 22 R1/8a

1 unit  2799307
Compressed air inlet port

ISO 6150 B DN 5.5

1 unit  2797504
Standard hammer insert


1 unit  2700048

With its compact design, the machine sits comfortably in the hand. We also provide the most working comfort thanks to vibration-damping handle. You can hold the part separator alternately at the machine head and by the handle, operate it with your left or right hand, with one hand or both hands. Tip: Varying your holding position while working gives you perfect ergonomics, which provides relief and a high level of efficiency.

TruTool PS 100
Weight (without hose or connection) 1.3 kg
Scrap skeleton thickness (max.) 12 mm
Stroke rate 500 1/min - 1500 1/min
Length 223 mm
Pneumatic key figures  
Connecting thread 1/4
Air consumption at 6 bar 0.06 m³/min - 0.12 m³/min
Maximum operating pressure 6 bar

This product range and information may vary depending on the country. Subject to changes to technology, equipment, price, and range of accessories. Please get in touch with your local contact person to find out whether the product is available in your country.

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