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Tube part design

Tubes and profiles are used everywhere – from machine and system construction all the way to the furniture industry. Laser tube cutting saves entire process steps, which allows you to save money. Secure your share of the growing market for laser-cut tubes. You will learn exactly how this works with the appropriate advice.

Example: Optimized cantilever

In conventional manufacturing, three parts are adjusted to one another in individual process steps – which is time-consuming and logistically challenging. The cantilever is now cleverly manufactured from two identical tubes with identical shape and dimensions. Both parts are adjusted to one another on a laser tube-cutting machine and then connected together.

1. Sawing

... all components to size.

2. Milling

... the contact surfaces, oblong holes and stepping.

3. Welding

... all three components.

4. Deburring

... sawed and milled areas.

5. Laser tube cutting

... the entire assembly with just one clamping.

6. Assembling

... and welding the two single parts.

7. -83% in costs

...through clever connector design.

Additional example

The following training types are offered

Part consulting

Get the best out of your parts. Work with TRUMPF experts to establish how you can design your parts to be more cost-effective.

Duration: 1 day
Speakers: 1
Participants: 1-6
Venue: in Ditzingen / in your company / online
Dates: by request


Become the expert in your sector: TRUMPF seminars provide knowledge about processes, production, and design, and allow you to perfect a sample part as part of a team.

Duration: 1 day
Speakers: 2
Participants: 1-12
Venue: Ditzingen
Dates: See training calendar


Gain personalized practical knowledge. We look for potential within the parts range in your business. Working together, we will optimize and manufacture selected parts which you can directly implement into your designs and manufacture more cost-effectively.

Duration: 1 day
Speakers: 2
Participants: 8-12
Venue: in Ditzingen / in your company / online
Dates: by request

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