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Film slitting tool

Slit films flawlessly

Cleanly slit protective films

Using the film slitting tool, you can slit protective films on your punching or punch laser machine, without damaging the sheet.

Flawless cutting

As a result of the spring-loaded punch, the film slitting tool cuts films without damaging the sheet in the process.

Long service life

The ball tip of the tool is low-wear and therefore ensures a long service life.


Due to the large spring range of the tool, it can adjust to any film thickness.

Diverse contours without limits

The design of the tool also makes the smallest slitting contours possible.

Using the patent-registered film slitting tool with ball tip, you can slit films quite simply on your punching or punch laser machine. The ball tip penetrates the film and glides over the sheet in the process. The film is thereby slit perfectly and flawlessly without scratches or marks damaging the sheet. The die with ball insert ensures low-scratch processing underneath the sheet. The film slitting tool is above all useful when stainless steel is being used, for example, with doors, switchboards, or display boards, or for sheets which are partially painted.

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