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TruTops Tube
TruTops Tube

TruTops Tube

Starting out with tube processing

Programming tube cutting machines

Your starting point for tube processing and 3D tube construction: TruTops Tube is the predecessor product to the new Programming Tube software. TruTops Tube is still available for older laser tube-cutting machines and for the tube axis in 2D and 3D laser cutting machines. TruTops Tube specializes in the programming of processes for tube and profile processing. Numerous automated processes mean that you can generate your NC programs particularly efficiently.

Master complex tube designs

The integrated 3D tube construction enables tube designs using multiple tubes.

Quick programming

Automated processes provide support for complex tasks such as corner processing.

Flexible imports

Import your existing CAD data in all common file formats.

Programs with reliable technology

The software incorporates TRUMPF's entire technical expertise.

TruTops Tube, efficient and reliable programming

Efficient and reliable programming

Many standard cases, such as a wide variety of intersections, are already stored in TruTops Tube. This means that you save valuable programming time. With the programming system, you also receive the latest laser tables and rules. You can therefore, ensure excellent production quality with processing sequences that are as efficient and reliable as possible.

TruTops Tube, 3D construction

Convenient 3D design

The integrated 3D tube construction enables you to create different versions of your tube design, with the utmost production reliability and accuracy. As the length, width, or wall thickness of the tubes can be parameterized, you can create different variants of your tube design extremely quickly.

TruTops Tube, TubeNest

Optimum use of tubes or profiles

With the TubeNest function, you can nest different parts on a tube quickly and easily and produce them together. This results in the best material usage. The graphical and table presentation gives you an overview of the nesting results at all times. You can therefore create a comprehensive tube nesting program, including setup plan, for your TruLaser Tube.

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Smart Factory

With the modular networking solutions from TRUMPF, we help our customers to create a continuous flow in their production facility, thereby arranging their entire production process with increased transparency, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness within the framework of Industry 4.0.

Laser tube cutting machines

More and more designers are taking advantage of the new creative freedom provided by laser tube cutting using TruLaser Tube machines from TRUMPF.

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