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Schwarz Metall GmbH

Sheet metal processor Frank Schwarz is a trained tool maker and owner of a family company based in Franconia. In terms of his company, he no longer wished to purchase parts and be a supplier dependent on suppliers. In 2017 he made the largest investment to date: a new TruLaser 1030 fiber, with which he cuts both copper and brass, thereby setting himself apart from the competition.

Sheet metal processing
Number of employees
Schwabach (Germany)

"We wanted something really good" was Frank Schwarz's philosophy

His father, Werner Schwarz, started his own sheet metal processing company in the family garage in 2004. With the move into the industrial area and the addition of his son, Frank, and family friend Thomas Bischof, the family company grew in small and large steps as a result of a lot of personal dedication.


As a supplier, Schwarz was heavily reliant on suppliers themselves, and every financial dip was immediately palpable. "We noticed that we just couldn't continue with the machines we had at the time," says Frank Schwarz. He needed to purchase parts or customers provided him with parts, and had little space to grow. "That's why we decided that we were going to take a huge step and choose something really good."

"The TruLaser 1030 fiber allows us to offer a wider range of parts, much faster – this allows us to win new customers. We also chose this machine because of the perfect service offered by TRUMPF."

Frank Schwarz
Managing Director


In 2015 Schwarz purchased a pre-owned bending machine from TRUMPF which had been generally overhauled and came with a warranty. Impressed by the service and performance of the manufacturer, the company promptly invested in a new TruLaser 1030 fiber. The deciding factor for this was also the commitment of General Manager Thomas Bischof, who is more or less part of the family, and who had become extremely familiar with laser cutting. "We wouldn't have managed it without Thomas," says Frank Schwarz. He knows that innovations in the business always go hand in hand with personal commitment. Schwarz got off to a flying start, and the company now delivers directly to the end customer – with better conditions. "Our range of parts has become much wider, we can offer considerably more parts, noticeably faster." It was also important to Frank to be able to cut non-ferrous metals such as copper and brass, in order to set themselves apart from the local competition.


The TruLaser 1030 fiber paved the way for Schwarz Metall, making entry into laser cutting easy. The investment for the laser cutting machine is comparatively low, as are operating costs. The machine also features a compact installation area and self-explanatory operation. "I'm more than satisfied with the machine and would recommend it to any newcomer," says Schwarz in summary. He is proud of his company, which has developed from a small supplier to an equal partner.


Frank Schwarz, Werner Schwarz, and Thomas Bischof have clear goals for the future. The company is to continue growing, and to have its own building. In terms of technology, TRUMPF plays an important role as a partner. They are planning to continue investing in modern machines, and are currently considering a punching-laser combination.

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