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INTECH 2022: TRUMPF presents these innovations in the Smart Factory

F rom May 17 to 20, 2022, visitors to TRUMPF's INTECH in-house exhibition in Ditzingen will be able to experience innovative machines and technologies related to the sheet metal process chain live. In our video, we provide insights into the most important trade show highlights.

Stephan Mayer, Member of the Managing Board for Machine Tools at TRUMPF, is pleased that the trade show can once again take place with visitors on site. In addition, product managers Wolfgang Liertz and Dennis Specht introduce TRUMPF's new Oseon software - one of the highlights of this year's INTECH. The software provides production workers with information about their job and the upcoming work steps in their work environment clearly arranged on a tablet. In addition, companies can automate their material flow with Oseon. The result: up to 20 percent more productivity in sheet metal production.

Curious? Visitors still have the opportunity to visit INTECH at TRUMPF in Ditzingen until Friday, May 20, 2022.

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Our smart factory tour in pictures


Finally INTECH again, finally talking live and on-site with customers about the present and future of sheet metal production - and all this under sunny skies in Ditzingen.


"Despite the coronavirus and war in Ukraine, we had an enormously good year in the Machine Tool Business Division and were able to post a strong increase in incoming orders," said Stephan Mayer, Member of the Managing Board at TRUMPF Machine Tools, at the press conference during INTECH 2022. According to Mayer, one of the trade-show highlights is the Oseon software. By using this software, sheet metal processors can make their processes transparent and ultimately accelerate the throughput time in their production units.


"The goal of the Smart Factory is not the deserted factory floor. Rather, it is about having a better overview of one's own production and optimizing the flow of materials," says Alex Kunz, head of the Smart Factory, which was again very well attended during INTECH.


"With Oseon, we are taking production management to a new level. The user receives all relevant information in the right place at the right time," says TRUMPF Product Manager Wolfgang Liertz. The software banishes paper from the factory, and at the same time, the office and production merge together.


Oseon works on all common mobile devices and therefore makes the information usable everywhere. According to TRUMPF experts, Oseon is comparable to the street maps of the major online search engines. The software helps users quickly and easily find the components they are looking for on the shop floor. Unnecessary or incorrect routes through the factory are avoided.


Nano instead of micro, makes for a great effect. With the new nanojoint technology, components can be nested directly next to each other on the sheet. "The mini-joints usually eliminate the need for rework. In addition, less material is wasted than with the conventional method using microjoints," TRUMPF Product Manager Patrick Schüle explained to guests at INTECH.


The first advantage of nanojoints: To remove the parts, the worker hardly has to exert any force, the work is easy to do and is completed in seconds.


The 2nd advantage nanojoints: After the worker has cut the components out of the sheet, there is hardly any visible damage to the contour of the components. Manual reworking is either eliminated or minimized. This saves time and the staff can attend to other tasks.


Artificial intelligence meets sheet metal: Which component belongs to which order? The TRUMPF Sorting Guide solution eliminates the need for lengthy searches. Thanks to smart cameras, workers can see on the large screen which components belong together and where they need to work.


Well, more than two or three clicks on the control panel are necessary. Nevertheless, the TruLaser Center 7030 works almost independently and fully automatically. Process steps such as material loading and sorting, etc. are eliminated. The machine is a good example of how TRUMPF improves upstream and downstream processes. A special feature of the TruLaser Center 7030: The fully automatic machine for laser production communicates with all the machines of the same type - worldwide. Simply put, the machines exchange information to optimize their own processes.


The machines kept running, even during INTECH. With the TruBend Center 7030, users can produce both filigree frames and large-area trays.


Precision work! The TruArc Weld arc-welding cell delivers clean welding results - and reproducibly, even without a specialist. Users can program and use the welding cell with almost no training.


This is how it's done! Markus Maatz explains to visitors at INTECH how the Bendmaster from TRUMPF works.


Please make room! The driverless transport systems in the in-house Smart Factory also drove through the aisles during INTECH.

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