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TruTops Mark

Module Interface

Software to match your preferences

It couldn't be more customised

With the TruTops Mark Module Interface (TTM-MI), you can customise the content, appearance and layout of the TruTops Mark user interface. The software is then tailored to your entire production and process chain. Furthermore, the software module makes it very easy for you to integrate the marking laser into your entire system consisting of database, measurement technology and other components.

Customised interface

Set up the interface exactly how you need it.

Gets along with everything

The Module Interface is able to communicate with all conventional databases and controls.

For your requirements

Use the software module to customise the operation of your marking process.

Simplified data management

The Module Interface connects user-specific databases or control systems to TruTops Mark. You can easily connect it to your existing ERP system or your database. This means that you only have to maintain a single, centralised data memory in order to manage your marking applications. There is no need for time-consuming data entry.

Connect other devices

The Module Interface also enables the integration of external devices. For example, you can use it to control the Observer camera system to position the marking content on the workpiece. You can also quickly integrate your own devices into the TruTops Mark environment via the software module.

Customised interface

With the software's customisable user interface, it is easy for you to make use of an array of options adapted to your process. You decide which functions are important for you. If necessary, you can switch between different user profiles to do so.

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