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Our employees are the most important pillar of our company's success. We create a safe and pleasant work environment for them. 

What is important to us when interacting with our employees?

We want to provide our employees with a work environment which they enjoy and thus ensure our company's success in the long-term.  This is why we value individual creative freedom and a safe work environment.

We create a pleasant work environment.

By offering customised working times, work locations, and time off, we provide our employees with a great deal of flexibility.  

Our duty of care is something we take very seriously.

Occupational health and safety at the workstation is a must for us. We ensure the well-being of our employees through globally applicable safety standards. 

We promote growth and continuing education.

Continuous learning and development of skills play an important role for us. That is why we offer our employees an extensive training, continuing education and advanced training programme. 

Diversity and equal opportunity is our way of life.

We appreciate the diversity of our employees and provide equal opportunities for them. This helps us to take new perspectives and be innovative.  

Work and private life

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Flexible, customised working times and locations, tasks that involve personal responsibility, fairness, and respect and appreciation when working with one another – these aspects all characterise the TRUMPF work environment.  This includes site-specific  models, which  enable flexible,  mobile work  for our employees, for example. We also make life easier for parents by offering a variety of childcare options.

Training and development

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Well-trained and highly motivated employees ensure our competitiveness and innovative strength. This  is based on diverse, ever-expanding opportunities for development and training tailored to each employee. We also use innovative learning methods for this. Our goal: To expand and strengthen our teams' expertise. 

Occupational health and safety

Man with PPE (glasses, gloves, ear protectors)

The well-being of our employees is very important to us. Which is why we apply ourselves so energetically to ensuring the safety of our employees and to making sure that they stay healthy and motivated.

"Every accident is avoidable" – that is one of our basic premises

Prevention is part of our day-to-day routine.

Every accident at work and every work-related illness is avoidable. We live in a health and safety culture that is predicated on prevention. When it becomes necessary, we ensure a quick and measured response.

We develop work systems that are safe and designed around our employees.

TRUMPF is committed to innovation, ensuring products of the highest quality. We have the same quality standards when it comes to designing our work sites, workstations and processes. In doing so, we place a special importance on safety and ergonomics. The current state of the art at each site guides our planning. We also actively involve our colleagues in the design process. Our comprehensive risk assessments - and the measures derived from them - ensure the highest safety standards in the company.

The health of every individual is of the highest priority for us.

We want to preempt work-related health risks and sickness early using occupational medical precautions. We pay attention to potential signs of health problems and provide our employees with the necessary support. We also make available healthy lifestyle options.

Our managers lead by example.

Managers are responsible for occupational safety and health protection in their department. They lead by example, ensuring that their employees act in a safety-conscious manner.

TRUMPF employees always put safety first.

Our employees help to ensure that good and safe working conditions are maintained at all times, pay attention to safety regulations and ensure not to endanger either themselves or others.

Diversity and equal opportunity

Diversity and equal opportunity

TRUMPF offers a work environment built on diversity, equality, and inclusion. This helps us to take new perspectives and be innovative. We categorically reject unequal treatment of any kind. We also provide opportunities for those with disabilities by creating inclusive jobs for them. Our support team for severely disabled people and our inclusion officer are committed to the promotion and integration of people with disabilities in the company and are available to provide advice. 

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