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TRUMPF in science


TRUMPF is an expert partner to researchers in the fields of lasers and power electronics.

Whether it's high-performance disk lasers, ultrashort pulse lasers, or laser cutting machines and welding systems, TRUMPF lasers are used by universities and research institutes across the globe in projects ranging from basic research to application development. TRUMPF Hüttinger is also a reliable partner to manufacturers of redox flow batteries, and works with scientific institutions to develop capacitors, a key future field.

Research into material processing

Research into material processing

In scientific institutes, TRUMPF's lasers and laser systems are mainly used to develop new processes for industrial material processing. TRUMPF lasers also play a key role in a range of fundamental research projects. For example, one of our lasers can be found in Germany's highest laboratory, at the Schneefernerhaus research station on the Zugspitze mountain, where it is used for atmospheric measurements for research into the weather and climate.

High-energy ultrashort pulse lasers

Image of the technology inside scientific lasers

Our subsidiary TRUMPF Scientific Lasers in Munich develops and builds ultrashort pulse lasers with the highest pulse energy levels for scientific applications. These special lasers are used to generate light pulses in the attosecond range, for example. The high-speed physics sector uses these to measure elementary processes, such as the movement of electrons.

Additive manufacturing for science

Tailored application consulting by TRUMPF experts for your application in additive manufacturing

TRUMPF is a pioneer in the field of additive manufacturing systems and offers two industry-ready laser processes: laser metal fusion (LMF) and laser metal deposition (LMD). For the research industry, additive processes are ideal for developing and implementing new workpiece structures as well as high-quality materials even in the smallest quantities, through variable build sizes. In this regard the additive TRUMPF systems stand out due to their high degree of precision, small focal diameters, as well as reliable powder handling and fast material change in particular. Our application experts regularly support institutes and research projects in the development of material parameters. Process and material qualification is also easy to achieve using the TruPrint systems. In total, TRUMPF invests a significant portion of its turnover into the fundamental research and development of new manufacturing methods. In this way, in 2018, we were the first company in the world to showcase a green laser for LMF applications, which can be used to manufacture shapes made of pure copper and precious metals in an additive manufacturing process, efficiently and with a high degree of quality. A breakthrough for our own researchers.

Research into plasma physics and plasma technology

Perfectly suited to the coating of large areas

TRUMPF Hüttinger is a specialist in the development and manufacture of power supplies for a multitude of plasma applications within research and development. There are suitable and industrially tested power supplies available for DC and RF excitation, up to the VHF range, for many areas of fundamental research, as well as application-oriented development.

The energy market of the future

Battery inverters are fundamental for the future energy market.

The bidirectional and modular TruConvert inverter generation developed by TRUMPF Hüttinger is suitable for use with any battery, for example, lithium-ion (including second life), redox flow or lead-acid batteries. The system converts the alternating current from the power supply system into direct current for the battery, and vice versa. Redox flow and lithium-ion batteries are regarded as the storage technology of the future - particularly for the energy supply from renewable energy sources.

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