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The advantages of TRUMPF bending machines

What makes our press brakes so unique?

Think ahead. Bend better: Innovative ideas drive forward bending, and therefore your company's success, too. Modern bending machines and panel benders from TRUMPF impress with functions that save resources, simplify operation and guarantee precision quality – from the very first part. Whether it's laser-measured angles, energy-saving hydraulic systems or fully automated tool changes, this is how to make your bending production even more successful.

1. Automation for all aspects of bending

Small and large components can be reliably produced in multiple shifts. When bending sheet metal automatically, you benefit from very high productivity at low part costs.

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2. Precision and angular accuracy

Precision angles are essential when bending sheet metal. TRUMPF machine concepts and intelligent functions give you precision results every time regardless of the material or workpiece.

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3. Operator support

Bending is physically demanding and finding good benders is often difficult. TRUMPF bending machines are therefore designed to be ergonomic and user-friendly and provide operators with optimum support.

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4. Tool variety

The best bending results are achieved by the optimal interaction of all components. Because it has to be genuine to guarantee this, TRUMPF has been manufacturing its own bending tools for over 20 years – in top quality and with the broadest range of tools on the market.

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Automation for all aspects of bending

Precision and angular accuracy

Operator support

Tool variety

TRUMPF has been providing bending technology since the late 1980s.

Press brakes from TRUMPF are being used on every continent in the world.

TRUMPF has upper and lower tool types in stock that provide a multitude of part geometries.

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Standard bending tools
Bending tools

More bending freedom: Benefit from our comprehensive range of bending tools or have special tools created to your requirements.

Automation of bending machines

The automated tool changer for your TRUMPF bending machine saves you time and energy as it takes care of all tool setup operations for you.

Bending machines, image of the technology
Bending machines

We can offer the right bending machine to suit any bending technology, enabling you to process both simple and complex parts in any format with maximum precision and cost-effectiveness.

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