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Integrated VCSEL solutions

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Infrared lighting

The TRUMPF VCSEL components for infrared lighting enable homogenous illumination of a defined space, optionally with an emission wavelength of 850 or 940 nm.

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ViBO stands for VCSEL integrated Backside Optics. This is an advanced, cost-efficient and easy-to-integrate VCSEL array technology with monolithically integrated micro-optical elements. The platform provides a factor 5 less footprint compared to packaged VCSEL. Furthermore, the integrated optics enable an intrinsic eye-safe system during lifetime. ViBO solutions are particularly interesting for 3D sensing solutions needed for consumer, industrial and automotive applications.

Industrial VCSEL solutions (TO Packages)

VCSELs in a hermetically sealed TO housing allow easy handling of the laser diode and are suitable for operation in demanding ambient conditions. The products can be optionally fitted with a tempering system (TEC, thermistor). The industrial VCSEL solutions are available with polarisation control and in various wavelengths such as 760 nm - 764 nm, 850 nm, and 940 nm.

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