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Profile nibblers | TRUMPF

Profile nibblers

Not only for profiles

TRUMPF has developed the perfect tools for tinsmiths, plumbers, as well as roof and façade constructors: with our profile nibblers, you can work in a way that is gentle on surfaces. You always achieve visually high quality cutting edges without corrosion or oxidation.

Distortion-free cutting edges without corrosion

Profile nibblers are gentle on surfaces, resulting in visually high quality edges. 

Comfortable operation

You can work quickly and with low vibration, making fast progress.

Optimal contouring and profiling

Ideal for hard-to-reach places – you can change the cutting direction at any time.

Punch and tool carrier can be changed without tools

The changeover does not require tools and is extremely fast, enabling you to keep setup times to a minimum.

Low operating costs

Since the punches can be reground several times, you can achieve a long service life.

Profilnibbler TruTool N 160 mit Verlängerung

TruTool N 160 with extension

Universal entry-level model for profile sheets. You can rotate the tool in eight cutting directions.

N 160 with extension LiHD rechargeable battery 12V profiling nibbler

TruTool N 160 with extension, 12V LiHD rechargeable battery

The cordless profiling nibbler enables you to process greater profile depths to perfection. Its compact design means you can also easily access areas that are difficult to reach.

TruTool PN 200

TruTool PN 200

The profiling nibbler with short tool is designed for profile depths of up to 85 mm. You can set the direction of processing in 8 cutting directions.

TruTool PN 200 LiHD rechargeable 18V profiling nibbler

TruTool PN 200 18V LiHD rechargeable battery

Powerful cordless profile nibbler for up to 2 mm sheet thickness. It easily cuts trapezoidal sheets, profiles and even doubled sheets.

TruTool PN 201

TruTool PN 201

The profiling nibbler with long tool is the ideal choice if you process profile depths of up to 162 mm. The direction of processing can be set in 8 cutting directions.

TruTool PN 201 18V Li-ion rechargeable battery profiling nibbler

TruTool PN 201 18V LiHD rechargeable battery

The cordless profile nibbler impresses with optimum profiling. You also have the option of equipping your machine with N 200 or PN 200 tools.

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