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The benefits of TRUMPF laser cutting machines

How to use smart functions to fully utilise your machine's laser power

2D laser cutting machines from TRUMPF. We focused on your needs when we developed our laser flatbed machines. Cutting times were therefore not the only priority. We help you get the most out of your system. Whichever TRUMPF laser cutting system you choose, the bottom line is that we provide you with a coherent complete package made up of the machine, the solid-state laser or CO2 laser, automation and software – all from a one-stop supplier.

1. Set up

Shorten the set-up process and permanently convert power into output. Smart functions from TRUMPF prevent process disruptions caused by typical laser cutting issues such as contaminated lenses or incorrectly adjusted metal sheets. You can find several examples here:

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2. Production

Quickly cut parts at top quality on your laser cutting machine with virtually no previous knowledge. Smart technologies enable you to benefit even more from the advantages of laser beams.

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3. Sorting

After cutting comes sorting, generally a time-consuming and tedious work step. Smart functions help you to perform the sorting function on your TRUMPF laser cutting machine in the quickest time possible.

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4. Starting the follow-on process

Get the most out of your laser cutting machine by thinking about the next process step while cutting. Our synchronised functions make this possible.

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Set up



The CoolLine function enables the laser cutting of filigree parts and tight contours in thick mild steel by keeping workpieces cool during cutting.

Collision protection
Smart collision prevention

Your cutting heads are kept safe with collision protection which protects your laser cutting machine from the impact of collisions. Smart Collision helps to prevent collisions from happening in the first place.

One-cutting-head strategy

The one-cutting head strategy greatly reduces setup times and enables any sheet thickness to be processed using the same cutting head.

TruLaser Tube 5000, PierceLine controls the piercing process

Too much spatter residue at the piercing spot? It's a thing of the past with PierceLine. PierceLine enables you to make precise piercing holes with minimum spatter residue extremely quickly. It pierces only to the depth required. You benefit from a higher part quality and shorter part times.


Cutting parameters are automatically adjusted to match material quality. With AdjustLine, any material quality can be reliably cut so that rejects and material costs are reduced.

Smart collision prevention
BrightLine fiber assistance system

Collisions and microjoints can be safely and cleverly prevented on your laser cutting machine with smart collision prevention. The order of manufactured parts and inner contours is calculated so that the laser bypasses those parts at risk of tipping.

BrigthLine fiber
Sample part, BrightLine fiber

Do you wish to produce filigree contours and tiny piercing holes with minimal spatter? You can rely on excellent edge quality in any sheet thickness by combining BrightLine fibre with your solid-state machine.


Starting the follow-on process

Faster and more independent: TruLaser machines are constantly evolving

As a leading supplier for laser cutters, we are constantly working to further develop our machines and laser cutting technology. We are working not only on the speed of the machines, but also on the processes involving cutting. How can I sort faster? How can I reduce waiting times? Many of our solutions are presented here:

TruLaser 8000 Coil Edition

Higher flexibility, lower costs: the TruLaser 8000 Coil Edition is the highly productive, flexible laser blanking system for continuous trimming of coil material. Not only is it ideal for sheet metal processing job shoppers with larger lot sizes, but the laser blanking system also plays to its strengths in many applications for high-volume manufacturers.

EdgeLine Bevel: The new world of weld seam preparation

Goodbye, manual chamfers – Hello, EdgeLine Bevel! This new and unique function from TRUMPF automatically creates chamfers in the components during laser cutting, thereby preparing them for the welding process. This completely eliminates the need to manually apply chamfers and offers completely new possibilities in part design.

TruLaser Center 7030: the full-service laser machine

The TruLaser Center takes care of the entire process – from the drawing right up to the sorted part. It sorts both small and large parts fully automatically and parallel to production at that. Choose between productivity and process reliability is not necessary, because you have both.

Active Speed Control: a milestone in autonomous laser cutting

The laser cutting machine of tomorrow: the operator stands at the controls while the machine virtually operates all by itself. The first step to achieving this is Active Speed Control, a system that monitors the cutting process and independently regulates feed rates. The cut and quality is then constant even when a panel's thickness fluctuates or there are paint residues or rust on a sheet.

Nitrogen generator preparation: Process for in-house nitrogen production

The desire for independence from gas suppliers and rising prices for liquid nitrogen are among the reasons for using a nitrogen generator. The operating principle is simple: an air compressor draws in ambient air and compresses it. The nitrogen generator removes the oxygen from this compressed air - nitrogen remains. Then a high-pressure compressor condenses the nitrogen, which is subsequently stored. Are you interested in generating your own nitrogen? We would be pleased to advise you.

Nitrogen generator graphic

(Almost) endless possibilities: Laser processing with TRUMPF

Our laser portfolio extends much further than just 2D laser processing. Marking of different materials, laser welding and 3D printing are just a few of the many options the laser tool provides. Our 3D laser cutting machines are also particularly fascinating. In the example shown here, you see how a TRUMPF laser can make cooking knives really sharp.

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Image of the technology inside the 2D laser cutting machines
2D laser cutting machines

Regardless of whether you need a CO2 or solid-state laser, we can offer the perfect 2D laser cutting machine to meet any requirement and can provide the ideal solution for any sheet metal type.

Key visual, autonomous laser cutting
Autonomous laser cutting. Look deeper. Think ahead.

Would you like to learn more about our vision for autonomous machines, our innovations which are already available now, as well as their potential for your sheet metal processing? Then dive right in to the autonomous future!

LiftMaster Linear, scrap skeleton separation
Automation of 2D laser cutting machines

You can rely on TRUMPF to always provide the perfect automation solution for you – from semi-automatic loading solutions to fully automated machines with a storage connection

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