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omlox – the open locating standard

omlox is the world's first open locating standard with the aim of implementing flexible real-time localisation solutions with elements from different manufacturers, without any project planning expenditure. The founding members, which include TRUMPF, have been committed to the development of open localisation solutions since 2017. Since 2020, omlox has been one of the technologies of the Profibus Nutzerorganisation e.V. and is enjoying international success.

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What are the advantages of the open omlox standard?

The world's first locating standard

omlox is part of the Profibus user organisation, a registered association with more than 1600 members. TRUMPF and many more independent partners from Europe, the USA and Asia are continuing to drive the new standard for industrial location technologies forward - and developing, promoting and adapting it.

Interoperable and open

The localisation solution is offered as an open system, so it can  be combined interoperably with omlox-compatible apps or mobile tags from partners or competitors.

No obligation to the manufacturer

If the customer has decided on one RTLS provider, they are often limited to only choosing their solutions. This is not the case with the omlox standard.

Less development work required

Because of the individually programmed interfaces, integrating a solution from a third-party provider is often expensive. But not with our open standard.

omlox defines interfaces for the omlox core zone and omlox hub: using these technologies, UWB-based (ultra-wideband) devices from different manufacturers can be located in one localisation zone, and location information from complementary localisation technologies can be mapped holistically.

So you, too, can put together an omlox-compatible, customised RTLS overall package for your customers

With TRUMPF, you can create flexible localisation solutions for the sector of the future. Find out all details on our offer with flexible combination options, which is based on the world's first open locating standard, omlox, and enables interoperability in a wide ecosystem.

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