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Smart Factory – What is it?

A Smart Factory is a production environment in which people, machines, automation and software work together in perfect harmony. The notion of the ideal Industry 4.0 production landscape presents a major challenge to many sheet metal processing companies. Before a highly efficient, flexible and transparent shop floor that satisfies even the strictest of requirements can be achieved, one thing usually comes first: the clean up. Because "chaos" cannot be  digitalised. We help you bring order to your production processes and take the next logical step in the technological evolution: consistent networking of the material flow, information flow, automation and process optimisation.

What is Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 refers to the Fourth Industrial Revolution – also known as the "Digital Transformation". Its aim is optimal positioning of industrial production for the future.

What is a Smart Factory?

A Smart Factory is a production environment in which people, machines, automation and software work together perfectly.

Our path to the Smart Factory

We offer a modular solution for your Smart Factory. Sheet metal processors can use it to equip their production facilities to meet rapidly changing market and customer requirements.

Smart Factory Consulting
What is Industry 4.0?

Digital connectivity is at the heart of Industry 4.0, offering enormous potential to increase flexibility and productivity through manufacturing technology computerisation and digital business platform development. Digital connectivity links different components within and beyond a production facility. The factory of the future optimises processes in the long term and drastically shortens processes.

Control center at the Smart Factory in Chicago
What is a Smart Factory?

What specific advantages does a Smart Factory have? Smart networking makes production transparent. Sheet metal processors then always know what is happening and can plan better. Indirect processes are optimised. Digital factory operators have faster and more flexible production and their processes can be better managed. This is crucial, especially for smaller lot sizes. The basis of the Smart Factory's communications is the Internet of Things (IoT). Everything communicates with everything else in the "Internet of Things". The product communicates the information required for production to the smart factory.

Graphic of a Smart Factory
Our path to the Smart Factory

Smart Factory customers get tailor-made solutions in three steps according to their specific needs: from a simple start or step-by-step adaptation through to fully networked systems. Regardless of the current situation of customers, the goal on the path to a completely networked Smart Factory is clear: to bring greater transparency, flexibility and, most importantly, economy to the entire process.

Smart factory solutions that are as individual as you are

Regardless of whether you are already taking big steps or are just starting out on the path to your company's connected future, the goal is clear: to be prepared for increasing complexity and decreasing lot sizes in sheet metal processing. But what is the best way to go about it? We work collaboratively to shape the future of your production, transforming challenges into opportunities. Get in touch with us today!

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The potential of Industry 4.0: How do machines in the Smart Factory communicate with each other?

A shared language connects. This also applies to machines in the industrial Internet of Things. The easier the sharing of information, the more efficient the work. VDW has therefore developed umati (universal machine tool interface) together with TRUMPF and 16 other project partners. A universal interface that securely, seamlessly and effortlessly integrates machine tools and equipment into customer-specific and  user-specific IT ecosystems. It is a standard for users in Germany and all over the world, opening up new opportunities for the Industry 4.0 era.

Smart processes – Smart Factory

Smart factory solutions that are as individual as you are

Regardless of whether you are already taking big steps or are just starting out on the path to your company's connected future, the goal is clear: to be prepared for increasing complexity and decreasing lot sizes in sheet metal processing. But what is the best way to go about it? We work collaboratively to shape the future of your production, transforming challenges into opportunities. Get in touch with us today!

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Step by step into the digital future

Regardless of whether you are already taking big steps or are just starting out on the path to your company's connected future, the goal is clear: to be ready for increasing complexity and decreasing batch sizes in sheet metal processing. You can achieve your Smart Factory step by step with our innovative world of solutions. Different paths can be taken because Smart Factory components can be combined to create your own tailored solution. We will be happy to guide you on the way.

Starting out

No two production systems are ever the same. Your introduction to the Smart Factory therefore needs to be tailor-made. Lay the foundations for your Smart Factory using machines equipped for connectivity as standard. Our experienced Smart Factory experts work with you to develop the optimum procedure for your needs. The main objective is to create transparency in production and identify possible optimisations.

Step-by-step adaptation

Getting everything under control makes taking the step into automated production is worthwhile. Turn your production into a Smart Factory by using automated machines and autonomous manufacturing cells embedded within a production system that increases automation and boosts productivity. Employees can then focus on their core tasks, which boosts motivation and increases the quality of parts. Automated production saves space and allows better utilisation of machines.

Fully networked

The end result is an integrated production system from order to delivery. With a complete system, highly efficient production will always be possible in your Smart Factory. modular solutions from TRUMPF support you and help to give your processes greater transparency, flexibility and, most importantly, profitability. Our experienced Smart Factory experts work with you to develop the optimal Industry 4.0 package for your requirements.

Getting started is easy: Transparency and optimisation

Small production solution for laser cutting in association with a small automated store

This laser cutting system with compact store is the ideal entry into automated and networked production. For cutting tasks with a high part variety and different industries - simply universally applicable.

Our complete package includes: TruLaser 3030 fiber | LiftMaster Compact | PartMaster | TruStore 3030

Expanding step by step: the path to automation

Production solution for combined laser cutting and punching with a medium store

In the case of recurring series parts and a larger variety of materials, e.g. in mechanical and plant engineering, the strengths of the store connection can be exploited and the part costs are reduced by up to 30% on average.

Our complete package includes: TruMatic 7000 | SheetMaster | Dual Cart | GripMaster | TruStore 3030

Fully networked: from order to delivery

Fully automated production solution for laser cutting and bending in association with a large store

This system is particularly suitable for highly productive automation, e.g. in vehicle construction or for job shops. The TruLaser Center 7030 with direct store connection dramatically reduces the throughput time and processing costs.

Our complete package includes: TruLaser Center 7030 | TruBend Cell 5000 | STOPA compact II

Getting started is easy: The success story of our customer AutoLink

Achieving goals with more transparency.

Expanding step by step: the success story of our customer Dax

TruTops Fab Logistic gets the material flow moving.

Fully networked: the success story of our customer Schrag

Factory flow solutions for streamlined processes with reduced non-productive times.

Download the white paper now and explore solutions!

PDF - 2 MB
White paper: SMEs on the path to networked production
Networking and digitization are crucial for the success of small to medium-sized companies; this white paper outlines the first steps towards creating a smart factory and the opportunities afforded by networked manufacturing solutions.
PDF - 966 KB
White paper: Increasing productivity in highly productive companies
Networking and digitization are crucial for companies with optimized processes; this white paper shows how a higher degree of automation increases productivity and reduces the workload of employees.
PDF - 1 MB
White paper: Fully networked production for smart companies
Networking and digitization are key elements for companies with partially networked production;this white paper shows the next steps towards fully networked production and the opportunities afforded by automation.

What our consultants say

As sheet metal processors, we know the ins and outs of the industry like no other. In Smart Factory Consulting, we take a unique approach by combining methodological expertise with a deep understanding of processes and technologies in the sheet metal industry – accounting for every process step in your production system.


Cost reduction is the focus of many companies, not just in economically challenging times. The first step toward cost optimisation is creating transparency. We create a solid database in collaboration with you, drawing attention to the relevant parameters.


Rising energy and raw material prices, the shortage of skilled workers and retirement of knowledge carriers have all increased the pressure on production. We take a pragmatic and results-driven approach to help you stay profitable and grow.


Make sheet metal processing easier for you

Small batch sizes, large product variety, demanding customers: On this page we take a close look at the problems that make life difficult for sheet metal processors like you - and how we can help you to change that. Until your production works exactly the way you want it to. 

Lack of skilled workers

How does your sheet metal production run smoothly even with fewer skilled workers?  

Small lot sizes

How can you achieve high quality and profits even with small piece counts? 

Lack of financing options

How about financing based on your capacity utilisation? 

Lack of transparency & efficiency

How can you gain perspective and use your resources profitably? 

Higher material costs

How can you make profitable calculations despite bottlenecks and price fluctuations? 

High customer expectations

How can you achieve a win-win situation for you and your customers?  

Smart factory solutions that are as individual as you are

Regardless of whether you are already taking big steps or are just starting out on the path to your company's connected future, the goal is clear: to be prepared for increasing complexity and decreasing lot sizes in sheet metal processing. But what is the best way to go about it? We work collaboratively to shape the future of your production, transforming challenges into opportunities. Get in touch with us today!

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Non-productive time
... which you can use more productively
… which you can save for the most part
Time for creating unsuccessful offers
...which you can convert into revenue

Overcome the shortage of skilled workers

When there is a lack of skilled workers for welding and bending, orders cannot be fulfilled. Quality and reliable delivery become a game of chance. You end up taking care of operational emergencies instead of focusing on your strategic growth. As well as personnel planning, finances or purchasing. How to stop this vicious cycle? By automating routine tasks, you free up your team for activities that add value. Software can help semi-skilled personnel operate machines safely. In the next section you will find ways in which you can alleviate the shortage of skilled workers. 

Lack of skilled workers

Skilled personnel are hard to find. Especially in sheet metal processing. This can be solved through automated processes as well as assistance systems and training courses for semi-skilled personnel. To this end, we assist your operation by providing service and remote support. 

Lack of skilled workers

Oseon takes the pressure off

The software Oseon and Smart Material Flow support users specifically based on their roles and create transparency on the shop floor.

Technology image of machines and systems
Lack of skilled workers

Machine range

Co-ordinated manufacturing solutions ensure consistently high quality, regardless of the operating personnel. 

Lack of skilled workers


Take advantage of our consulting services on automation and increasing productivity - for companies of all sizes.  

Lack of skilled workers

Integrated expertise

Digital instructions and stored parameter tables make working on the machine easier. 

Key visual of TRUMPF Services Training
Lack of skilled workers

Training courses

The training programme from TRUMPF helps you to produce with high quality, even with semi-skilled personnel. 

Lack of skilled workers

TRUMPF machine placeholder

Small lot sizes

Small lot sizes cause big problems for sheet metal workers: rejects, error rates and time expenditure are high. For economic production, the upstream and downstream processes must also be put to the test. The goal: to process orders faster, to produce even small quantities in high quality - and to work profitably. There is often a lack of transparency about the order status and the workload. This makes it difficult to provide customized and quick offers for a micro batch. Linking production to an ERP system can help. Software support facilitates self-organization on the shop floor and shortens programming times. Read more about how to get small lot sizes under control step by step. 

Small lot sizes

As if micro-batches aren't difficult enough, online marketplaces are increasing the competition. How does one remain profitable? Smart material flow, automated production processes and efficient intralogistics can help.

Small lot sizes

Oseon & Smart Material Flow

No more lost parts or orders: With networked material flow, you book parts automatically and always know their location. 

Small lot sizes

Automation portfolio

Modular automation concepts help you to compensate for fluctuations and produce economically. 

Small lot sizes

Simple production planning

Rely on a production plan that optimises series production, single orders and delivery dates with one click. 

TruTops Boost key visual
Small lot sizes

TruTops Boost

The design and programming software maximises your material utilisation thanks to LeanNest and leftover sheet utilisation. 

Small lot sizes

Sorting Guide

The Sorting Guide speeds up sorting and errors are prevented – this way, parts are booked faster and your machine can continue cutting seamlessly. 

To the product

Small lot sizes

TRUMPF machine placeholder

Lack of financing options

Growth requires investment. But the road to credit is often lengthy. This is where financing with us - as a manufacturer - comes in handy: easier lending, longer payment terms and planning reliability go hand in hand. Because we are sheet metal processors ourselves and know your market. If your regular bank refuses because order volumes are uncertain or the initial investment seems too high, please get in touch with us. Whether leasing or purchasing: TRUMPF Bank supports you in good times and bad. That's why we offer, for example, seasonal instalment models or repayment based on utilization. We have put together some financing options for you below. 

Lack of financing options

Fluctuating order status, rising material and storage costs – regular banks tend to react cautiously. With TRUMPF Bank you have a reliable partner that knows your industry. This gives you more freedom, e.g. seasonal rates or reduced rates. 

Key visual of TRUMPF Services Financing
Lack of financing options

Financing from the machine supplier

You will receive a financing plan from TRUMPF Bank that suits your situation. For example, one that starts with low rates until your business is up and running. 

Key visual of TRUMPF Services Pre-owned Machines
Lack of financing options

Return pre-owned machines

We accept used TRUMPF machines as part of payment. As industry experts, we offer attractive residual values - this provides security. 

Lack of financing options

Pay per Part

We will provide you with a new TruLaser Center 7030 including calculation and programming – you repay this per part produced. 

Pointing at touchpad
Lack of financing options


With us you can lease machines, warehouses, services or software worldwide. As industry insiders, we rate the residual risk as more advantageous than a "regular" bank. 

Tablet mobile device displaying some charts
Lack of financing options

Fast approval of credit

Financing with us means: Streamlined processing and faster lending. True to the motto: From medium-sized businesses for medium-sized businesses. 

Lack of financing options

TRUMPF machine placeholder

Smart factory solutions that are as individual as you are

Regardless of whether you are already taking big steps or are just starting out on the path to your company's connected future, the goal is clear: to be prepared for increasing complexity and decreasing lot sizes in sheet metal processing. But what is the best way to go about it? We work collaboratively to shape the future of your production, transforming challenges into opportunities. Get in touch with us today!

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Lack of transparency & efficiency

What is the order status? Where are the parts? What is the utilization level? Every day, all of these questions are costing you time - and therefore profit. You can neither plan your existing resources accurately nor answer customer questions about the order status in detail. Coupled with ever shorter delivery times, your utilization and efficiency decrease. But there is another way: With transparent production planning, you have an overview of all current orders and your capacity utilization. Key figures replace gut feeling, and on this basis you use your resources in the best possible way. The result: Better prices and higher profit. 

Lack of transparency & efficiency

Searching for material, setting up and sorting by hand, comparing papers - unnecessary or manual work often causes lost time and low throughput. Gain transparency on the shop floor with digital support - for the most efficient use of people, machines and materials.

Lack of transparency & efficiency

Smart Factory Consulting

Experts will help you to optimise production processes and the flow of goods in order to get the most out of it. 

Lack of transparency & efficiency

Oseon production planning

Stress with ad hoc orders and tight delivery deadlines are a thing of the past: With Oseon, you can flexibly insert express orders without impairing the overall plan. 

Lack of transparency & efficiency

Smart Material Flow

With transparent material flow, you save on activities that do not add value and streamline your production. 

Lack of transparency & efficiency

TRUMPF Tracking Technologies

The real-time localisation puts an end to search times - universally and flexibly on all devices thanks to the open omlox standard. 

Lack of transparency & efficiency

Oseon production control

Digital production control helps you to make maximum use of all resources on the shop floor. 

Lack of transparency & efficiency

viewport test images /w Retina support

Higher material costs

Material ties up a great deal of capital. High purchase prices and a lack of storage capacity limit your scope. In addition, financially strong online marketplaces are sinking prices on the market. But there are ways to counteract this. For example, by cleverly expanding storage areas in order to buy cheaply and compensate for material shortages. By gaining transparency over orders and inventory. By using material credits. By using intelligent functions to increase your good part rate and lower the cost of parts. We would be happy to advise you on these and other solutions. 

Higher material costs

Delivery bottlenecks and fluctuating prices for raw materials and energy turn scheduling and calculation into a game of chance. In the worst case scenario, there is a risk of losses. You can improve your situation with affordable storage capacity and flexible credit for materials. 

Higher material costs

Transparency on the shop floor

No waste: With intelligent assistance systems, you can increase your good part quota and organise your shop floor in a cost-efficient manner. 

Higher material costs

Automated storage

Expand your warehouse and use the material management with the all-in-one control system from Oseon - for transparency and reduced parts costs. 

TruTops Calculate
Higher material costs

TruTops Calculate

With the software you can calculate the time and costs for the entire production – this makes it easier for you to prepare an offer and analyse costs. 

Higher material costs

Procurement financing

Secure funds with the TRUMPF Bank to fill up your warehouse in economical situations. 

Higher material costs

Pay per Part

With pay per part and the TruLaser 7030, your costs match your workload: You gain financial freedom and know the exact price per part before production starts. 

Higher material costs

viewport test images /w Retina support

High customer expectations

Even for a batch size of 1, your customers expect smooth processes, real-time information and decreasing costs. You, in turn, want higher profits, higher throughput and more latitude in calculations. How can you achieve a win-win situation? Cost-saving processes for all batch sizes, transparency about capacity utilisation and processes, and cost-reducing automation can help. When you always have the right information, at the right time, there is no need for interruptions and time spent searching. You can increase your throughput by shortening upstream and downstream processes. And better calculation options give you latitude in pricing. Discover the possibilities: 

High customer expectations

Online shopping has raised many customers' expectations. They want low prices, immediate service and a continuous digital flow of information. With tailor-made products and services, we help you to meet these requirements step by step. 

TRUMPF Oseon key visual
High customer expectations

Oseon production control

Increase transparency and competitiveness with digitised processes and a continuous flow of information. 

High customer expectations

Profitability from batch size 1

Simple programming, setup plans, assistance systems for machine operators, and technology tables  - all of these factors turn the first part into a good part. 

High customer expectations

Smart Factory Consulting

Start simply, adapt step-by-step, or network completely: We accompany your development on an equal footing and with sound judgement. 

High customer expectations

Scale NC & Optimate

Reducing manufacturing costs in sheet metal processing or machine programming as a service in the cloud: This is how the TRUMPF subsidiaries Scale NC and Optimate support small and medium-sized companies in particular.

TruTops Boost key visual
High customer expectations

TruTops Boost

The TruTops Boost design and programming software with stored technology tables helps to increase your good part rate and reduce operator involvement.  

High customer expectations

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Lot size of 1

Orders are becoming smaller and smaller. Therefore, we have experts who go on-site to analyse processes and optimise them so that even lot sizes of 1 are worthwhile.


Real-time locating systems enable various use cases in the manufacturing and logistics environment. The precise and robust UWB wireless technology demonstrates its strengths in this regard.

Material flow

Factory flow solutions for streamlined processes with reduced non-productive times. Optimise your shop floor with a smart material flow.

Come and visit us!

No two productions are the same, no two development trajectories are alike. Not even the markets are identical in which our customers are active. This is why we make the factory of the future come alive, right where our customers are: whether in Europe, America or Asia – we demonstrate how a networked production actually works in real life in our Smart Factories on three continents.  In  TRUMPF's Smart Factories, the interaction of staff, machines, automation and software has already been perfected and these elements are fully networked. But regardless of whether our visitors are just starting out, want to expand step by step or would like to become fully networked, we meet them where they are today. Our Smart Factory Consultants analyse the process chains of each customer and on this basis, optimise all sequences on the shop floor. In line with the motto: our customers' success is a success for TRUMPF as well.

Our Smart Factory sites

Chicago, USA

The Chicago site is a natural fit for the Smart Factory. Around 40 per cent of the sheet metal processing industry in the USA is located in the states directly surrounding it. Our US-American customers there experience how the Smart Factory provides support with sorting to fully autonomous production. The integrated cutting and bending cells are a highlight. A skywalk also makes it possible to gain understanding of the production systems with their flow of material and information as an entire system.

Find out more

Ditzingen, Germany

30 networked machines across different process steps, 5,000 m² hall space with manual and automated material flows - there is a lot in store for visitors to our Smart Factory in Ditzingen at the TRUMPF headquarters. You can see for yourself how our Smart Factory experts customise solutions for the entire metal process chain. You can also experience the interplay of fully intelligent machines from third-party providers and automated guide vehicle systems in our Smart Factory.

Find out more

Taicang, China

Chinese customers can witness the production world of tomorrow for themselves at our production site in Taicang. From laser cutting, bending and punching to laser welding – we make the whole process chain come alive and demonstrate to visitors which customised solutions we can offer for networking. A fully automated production line as well as the TruTops Fab production system were introduced in Taicang in 2017. The intelligent digital upgrade propelled the production there to the next level, providing transparency on the shop floor.

Find out more

Visit us here!

Supplier entrance of the Smart Factory in Chicago

US-American customers can experience our vision for a networked production in Chicago. Thanks to their impressive skywalk, it is possible to gain an understanding of the production systems with their flow of material and information as an entire system.


Since 2020, customers have been able to witness the factory of the future in Ditzingen on 6,000 m² of hall space with 28 fully networked machines. The Smart Factory at the TRUMPF headquarters offers small and medium-sized companies a realistic insight into a fully networked smart factory.


Our Chinese customers can envision the future at our production site in Taicang. They can experience networking of the entire sheet metal process chain within a realistic production environment.

Our customers' Smart Factory success stories

Arcas Ollé

The safe manufacturer Arcas Ollé manufactures tailor-made products for their customers, relying on an innovative and flexible production with TRUMPF bending machines and laser systems. 


The more orders that came into AutoLink, the more internal processes slowed down the job shop. The company is hitting the ground running again with a move to a new production and TRUMPF Smart Factory consulting.


The efficiency of DAX MetallForm has increased significantly with fully automated, route- and time-optimised planning of material movement combined with automated parts transport with automated guided vehicle systems.

Managing director of the FBT company

Being able to produce faster and more flexibly was the goal of the Brandenburg-based contract manufacturer. The solution: step-by-step adaptation of their in-house production to Industry 4.0 standards. The initial results? Impressive!

H.K. Heun

A holistic solution from TRUMPF paves the way for a successful future for the HEUN Group. 

Managing director of the Knoll company

Knoll Maschinenbau started planning for the future early and took all possible opportunities to gain sufficient storage capacity to meet future requirements and increase productivity. This foresight paid off.

Managing director of the Laserco company

The Lasercor job shop took the first steps towards the IoT with a Smart Factory consultation on networked production. TRUMPF experts discovered potentials that provided a real boost, requiring only minimum effort.


Felipe González wants Lasertek to become a pioneering company for the manufacture and assembly of metal parts. That's why TRUMPF is his trusted and reliable partner for automation, software and Smart Factory solutions.


Thanks to an optimum material flow, perfect machine utilisation and reduced system setup times, the manufacture of products by Loka is smart, efficient and future-proof. Highly profitable!


Randon has networked five TruLaser machines and six TruBend bending machines with a fully automated STOPA storage system. The company manages 80 percent of their trailer production with this new production system.

Mr Riguzzi and TRUMPF staff

The metal construction company Riguzzi in Felben has managed to network and digitise its internal processes smoothly. The main key to success: software and a combination of different TRUMPF machines.


To maintain his lead in the edging profile business sector, CEO Thomas Goswin is aiming to create further growth with automation. A new production site for automated production is to be developed for this purpose.

Colleagues in front of a miniature model of production

Major orders that can't be fulfilled due to a lack of resources? This is simply not an option for the Chinese company SNBC! With the help of TRUMPF, the company constructed a fully automated Smart Factory in record time.

Our Smart Factory portfolio

Condition Monitoring

With the monitoring and analysis products from TRUMPF, you get the highest level of transparency.


From the initial idea to concrete implementation – as experts in sheet metal processing, we are your hands-on and equal partner.

Consulting 1 - Continuous Improvement

Process optimisations for seamless production.

Consulting 2 - Digital Production

Process digitalisations for efficient production.

Consulting 3 - Factory & Technology Planning

Synchronising of technology and resource deployment for financial success.

Consulting 4 - Strategy & Future Orientation

Strategic and organisational alignment for a bright future.

Industry 4.0 starter package

The starter package helps you to identify optimisation potential, increases productivity and reduces machine downtime.

Oseon Flow

Achieve a complete network with Oseon Flow.

Oseon Go

Digitalises all core processes in your production.

Oseon Grow

An extension of Oseon Go in the areas of storage, logistics and interfaces. 

Programming software

Depending on the technology and machine type, the ideal programming software will help you achieve your goal quickly and safely.

Quality Data Storage

Record and visualise the process data of your lasers and the respective connected optics and sensor systems.

Remote Support

Maximise the availability of your system by having malfunctions tackled remotely, quickly and safely.

STOPA large-scale storage systems

More than just material buffers, they take over the wide range of tasks of a logistics centre for your production.

Service agreement

The visual processing of all of the data in the Condition Report means you always have an overview of the state of the machine and can plan your tasks as required.

Service app

With the Service App and your free MyTRUMPF account, you can send your service messages quickly and easily to our Technical Service team at any time.

Smart Teach app

Create laser programs for your programmable focusing optics (PFO) in the blink of an eye.

Smart View Services

Clearly arranged dashboards for visualising current laser states.

TruBend automation

Automation components for bending machines.

TruLaser Tube automation

Automation components for laser tube-cutting machines.

TruLaser automation

Automation components for 2D laser cutting machines.

TruMatic automation

Automation components for punching and punch laser machines.

TruStore Series 1000

Practical compact store: the ideal entry point to TRUMPF storage technology.

TruStore Series 3000

The highly flexibly compact store grows along with your requirements, reduces the space required and can be expanded.

TruTops Calculate

Works out the processing times and costs that are to be expected for parts or entire assemblies.

Visual Assistance app

Thanks to Visual Assistance, we can see what you are seeing and can support you remotely in finding a quick solution to your problem.

Visual Training Center

Select a suitable programme from a comprehensive range of operator, programmer and maintenance courses. Make sure you're ahead of the rest in expertise in order to flexibly respond to new customer requirements.

Get in touch with us now!

Are you ready to unleash the full potential of your production?

If so, don't let the shortage of skilled labour, supply chain problems and soaring prices thwart your plans. Call in an experienced smart factory consultant who is already well versed in the sheet metal process chain. Whether it's digitalization, factory planning or future planning, our experts will support you in your strategic direction and its practical execution on an equal footing. 

Smart factory solutions that are as individual as you are

Regardless of whether you are already taking big steps or are just starting out on the path to your company's connected future, the goal is clear: to be prepared for increasing complexity and decreasing lot sizes in sheet metal processing. But what is the best way to go about it? We work collaboratively to shape the future of your production, transforming challenges into opportunities. Get in touch with us today!

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TRUMPF Services Design and Programming Software key visual

Our software portfolio enables you to get to grips with the entire production process, reduce costs and maximise cost-effectiveness, even when producing small quantities.

Transparency through real-time localisation

TRUMPF offers omlox-compatible location solutions for the Smart Factory and many other sectors requiring transparency.


A highly automated production system maximises cost-effectiveness and efficiency for the long term.