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TruTops Calculate
TruTops Calculate

TruTops Calculate

Calculate times and costs reliably

Better calculation

TruTops Calculate works out the processing times and costs that are to be expected for parts or entire assemblies. It uses the technology data of your TRUMPF punching, punch laser, laser or tube cutting machine in order to make the process of cost analysis and tender preparation easier for you.

Fast calculation

TruTops Calculate determines the time and costs for the entire production process.

Costs at a glance

TruTops Calculate works out part costs, taking into account all relevant factors.

Reliable calculation basis

TRUMPF machine technology data and rules as a reliable basis for calculation.

Flexibility without production drawing

Simply trace sketches, vectorise raster images or describe contours.

Production-related cost calculations

TruTops Calculate, Kostenberechnungen

Production-related cost calculations

Do you need accurate processing times and costs? With TruTops Calculate you always have these to hand: The software takes into account the machine-hour rate, overhead rate, employee qualification, average consumption and technology data when calculating the part costs. You therefore obtain cost calculations that are closely related to production from a very early stage. And you do not need any programming skills.

A quicker quotation

A quicker quotation

TruTops Calculate shows you the costs clearly as a tree diagram, enabling a quick analysis. The detailed calculation log also makes it easier to explain reasoning to clients. You are therefore always one step ahead of the competition and can be the first to provide your well-founded quotation.

In conjunction with the TruTops Fab Quickjob and Production modules, TruTops Calculate also supports you with postcalculation.

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