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The TRUMPF sensor system monitors the quality of your processes. It supplies you with data continuously and controls the process in accordance with your requirements. The intelligent process sensor system helps you to save money during production by making it quicker to set up processes or enabling the feed rate to be increased during processing. You also avoid production rejects and unnecessary laser-power surpluses. The TRUMPF sensor system is ideal for integration in optics, lasers, and systems – and as TRUMPF is a complete system provider, you can obtain everything from a single source.

Sensor system for image processing in cutting and welding applications

Image processing for cutting and welding applications

TRUMPF VisionLine image processing for cutting and welding applications reliably detects the position of your components and ensures that welding is performed at the correct location. Benefit from high process reliability and intuitive operation.

Weld depth control, TRUMPF sensor system

VisionLine OCT Check

Experience the future of welding depth monitoring with the TRUMPF VisionLine OCT Check sensor system. Optical coherence tomography enables precise quality assurance of your weld seam in sync with your machining process.

Image processing for marking applications

Image processing for marking applications

Improve your process capability with VisionLine, TRUMPF's image processing solution. It detects characteristics on components and ensures that marking takes place in the correct location. It is also possible to detect and assess 1D and 2D codes as well as fonts.

3D characteristics recognition

3D characteristics recognition

The camera and OCT form the perfect unit in the TRUMPF VisionLine OCT Detect sensor system. Height profiles become visible using optical coherence tomography. This means that you always get the best out of your components.

Fügewegüberwachung, TRUMPF Sensorik

Melt travel monitor

The TRUMPF melt travel monitor switches off the laser during laser transmission welding of plastic parts after a certain amount of material melting. This improves the process monitoring and helps to balance out production tolerances.

CalibrationLine processing optics


The CalibrationLine from TRUMPF checks whether the focal position and laser power on the workpiece actually match your requirements, at regular, individually definable intervals. If necessary, the calibration tool corrects the focus in the X, Y and Z direction, as well as the laser power, and so brings the program and reality back in line with each other.

Temperature control

Temperature control

The TRUMPF temperature control registers the intensity of the thermal radiation on the component surface and controls the laser power based on the nominal temperature. This enables you to achieve visually uniform seams when welding plastics – even when producing complex component geometries. In the case of laser case hardening, you can therefore achieve uniform hardness depths at a defined degree of hardness.

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Key visual of TRUMPF Services Product Enhancements
Product enhancements

If you already have a TRUMPF laser or laser system and would like to improve the monitoring and management of your processes, our product enhancement experts will be glad to assist you.

Processing optics

Thanks to their modular system, TRUMPF processing optics can be adjusted to suit different applications and spatial conditions.

Image of the technology inside the TRUMPF disk laser

Whether it's cutting, welding, marking or processing surfaces: with TRUMPF, you benefit from the flexibility, versatility and cost-efficiency provided by lasers.

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