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Key visual of TRUMPF Services Product Enhancements
Key visual of TRUMPF Services Product Enhancements

Product enhancements

You get more than just a product from us – you also get an expandable production system.

Would you like to implement new applications on existing TRUMPF machines, systems or lasers? Functional upgrades enable you to implement new customer requirements, work more profitably or increase your added value in a targeted manner. 

Ready for change

With product enhancements, you can also react quickly to changes on the market with flexibility.

Earn more

Specifically count on product enhancements to lower your costs and increase your profit.

Manufacture more productively

Reduce non-productive times and become more productive – through automation, for example.

Better process results

Improve your process results by retrofitting innovative sensor systems.

Become more efficient, improve processes – increase your production's output with Product Enhancements

Tailored solutions

Do you have an idea or requirement that you cannot achieve with standard functions and existing automation solutions? With TRUMPF, you can quickly find a customised solution to expand the functions of your machines, lasers and laser systems.

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Standard functional upgrades

Simply expand the scope of functions: you can also subsequently integrate standard product enhancements into your TRUMPF product without any particular development outlay or extensive adaptation work. All of the possible functions are individually defined and perfectly coordinated to your machine. You can choose from a modular system and can always rely on perfect operation.




Constant temperature during laser cutting and good cutting results even in thick steel. The CoolLine function sprays water coaxially onto the processing point through a special nozzle. Heat is drawn away from the sheet through the vaporisation energy of the water. Cooling is thereby achieved and the temperature remains almost constant during the cutting process. With this function, you can nest parts more closely, resulting in less scrap skeleton and more profit.

Observe Line


The most varied reasons can cause cutting slugs to remain in the finished part, causing problems in downstream operations. ObserveLine is an optical measuring procedure with which every contour can be checked for a complete cut. Compared to measurement with distance regulation, the optical measurement has the advantage that it is faster and more precise. Even smaller hole diameters and angled punching slugs can be detected.

Abgänge eines Festkörperlasers

Flexible outputs and intelligent beam management

Thanks to the modularity of the majority of solid laser devices, you can equip these with further outputs even after purchase. This increases your productive laser use as you can operate up to six different work stations one after the other or at the same time.

Automation components

Automated machines quickly pay off as they accelerate working steps, process larger quantities in the same amount of time and reliably produce around the clock. Benefit from these advantages through an automated solution coordinated to your TRUMPF products – from the machine interface to semi-automatic loading solutions to fully automatic processing cells.

Examples of automation components

LiftMaster Compact, our best-in-class

LiftMaster Compact

Using the LiftMaster Compact, you can shorten the times for the loading and unloading of your TruLaser machine. Its extremely short cycle time of under 90 seconds is achieved by the parallel loading and unloading, amongst other things. Here, the LiftMaster Compact transports unprocessed sheets to the laser machine's pallet changer, and at the same time parts which have already been cut are picked up by a separate rake frame and placed on the upper side of the suction frame.


Automation interfaces

TRUMPF products enable you to incorporate automation systems even after purchase. Interfaces for many of the standards which are common on the market are used for this. As part of these product enhancements, you can also integrate your laser devices into a higher-level control system.

TRUMPF Laser Network

TRUMPF LaserNetwork

The TRUMPF LaserNetwork increases the flexibility of your production facility. One laser device can be used for up to six work stations, thereby providing you with the possibility of using this for different applications. Parallel operation, as well as for fast changing work stations, is also possible.

Sensor systems

No matter what challenge you may face in your everyday production, in the future, you can remain optimally equipped through highly intelligent process sensor systems.

Examples of sensor systems

SeamLine Pro

SeamLine Pro

Before, during and after welding, SeamLine Pro continuously gathers data for completely reproducible results. The comprehensive process sensor system monitors the entire welding process and at the same time records the seam point, the focal spot and the weld seam. A key advantage is that SeamLine Pro automatically adjusts the focal point at any time. Following welding, the sensor system checks the seam height and width, as well as edge offset.



VisionLine carries out visual component detection and ensures that the welding and cutting process is always executed at the right part of the component. You can rely on increased process reliability, simple operation and systematic traceability of the components produced.


The product enhancement CalibrationLine checks whether the focal position and laser power on the workpiece actually match the laser control system specifications, at regular, individually definable intervals. If necessary, CalibrationLine corrects the measured values, thereby bringing the program and reality back in line for perfect welding results.

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Sensor systems

As a complete system provider, TRUMPF also supplies process sensor systems. The continuous process monitoring increases quality and enables you to control your process accurately and reliably.


A highly automated production system maximises cost-effectiveness and efficiency for the long term.

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