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The Company Principles of the TRUMPF Group

We are a family-owned company with a clear set of values amid changing times

As such, we bear a special responsibility towards our customers, partners, employees, and society. We set the highest standards for ourselves and for our actions, internally as well as externally. This we are sure of: TRUMPF will enjoy sustained success if we fulfil our customers‘, employees‘ and owners’ expectations and wishes to the best of our abilities, and perceive our social environment as part of our
entrepreneurial activities - as we have always done without conforming to the zeitgeist.

Customers, employees, ownership, society – stakeholders in our Core Principles

The Company Principles specified in the following clarify our values and goals with regard to TRUMPF's key stakeholders.

Our customers

Trust, fairness and standards figure prominently in our dealings with customers, partners and suppliers.

We expect ourselves to deliver excellent performance at all times, and we hold our business partners to the same standard. In doing so, we conduct ourselves in keeping with the principles of the “Honourable Merchant.”

We offer our customers a globally leading portfolio of solutions.

Our products and solutions are state-of-the-art, efficient, safe, and sustainable – giving our customers clear competitive advantages.

Our business success largely depends on our customers' success.

The decisive driver behind our actions is to convince our customers with our products and solutions. We have to be their guarantor of innovation and reliable partner in equal measure.

We speak our customers' language.

To enable our customers‘ success, we need to know their requirements and needs. Our aspiration is to be present and close to them in the given regions of the world.

Our employees

We place great importance on occupational safety worldwide.

At all TRUMPF Group locations, we apply the highest standards for occupational health and safety. The mindful, protective and appreciative handling of the company's intellectual and material property is a matter of course for all of us.

Mutual respect, appreciation and trust are essential for us in our interactions with one another.

We live by the principles of an open feedback culture, take a clear stance, and conduct ourselves on an equal footing. Diversity is important to us in every respect, not least because it enables us to assert ourselves in the competition for customers, technologies, and talent. We categorically reject any form of discrimination.

We foster an environment within the company that gives our employees the freedom to take responsibility and realise creative solutions.

In doing so, we attach great importance to an aesthetic working environment. Our actions are motivated by our powerful creative drive. We promote our employees’ personal and professional skills through a wide range of development and training opportunities.

Our high standards of performance and quality also apply to our employees.

Loyalty to TRUMPF and total commitment to the company's best interests are a matter of course for us. Every employee represents us internally and externally and is therefore an ambassador for our company. We also expect our managers to be role models for their employees, to lead their teams to success, and to strategically advance TRUMPF.

Our ownership

We stand for sustainability.

As shareholders of a family-run company, all our actions serve to maintain future competitiveness and profitability as well as our company's focus on values. Our value system as shareholders also encompasses our strong commitment to social and cultural engagement.

Independence is important to us.

To this end, we strive for continuous above-average growth and a level of profitability that enables us to realise, by our own efforts, our considerable investments in research and development as well as to maintain our customer- and employee-centric focus.

We create enduring enterprise value and thus secure sustainable business success.

We always factor loyalty to our locations and employees into entrepreneurial decisions.

Social environment

We see ourselves as part of society and want others to share in our success.

To this end, we support select projects that promote the give-and-take of social interaction at various levels. We appreciate it when our employees engage
in society.

As a family-owned company, we attach great importance to economic and environmental sustainability as the basis of life for future generations

We are deeply committed to protecting natural resources and firmly believe in shaping the world for the better
through innovation. To this end, we search for technically and organisationally efficient solutions in keeping with the best practices of our time - and have done so for 100 years.

The exchange of ideas with relevant public opinion leaders such as the media, politicians, scientists and associations is part of our entrepreneurial aspirations.

We strive for an open and objective dialogue and play an active role in shaping developments. We reject any form of political radicalism.

We are committed to the liberal basic order, to the social market economy and to free competition.

We comply with the laws of the countries in which we operate and respect the given cultural environment.

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