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Social issues and the community

Social engagement

Social engagement is a matter close to our heart. That is why we are involved in a variety of charitable projects.

What does social engagement mean to us?

Social engagement is an important pillar of the community. We therefore support community and charitable organisations and advocate for community values and equal opportunities.

We help social support facilities and institutes.

Through our social partnerships, we facilitate the participation of socially disadvantaged people in society and a change of mindset in our workforce.

We reinforce community values.

We employ asylum seekers, create integrated jobs for people with disabilities and develop our employees' social skills. 

We support these community projects

Kinder vor einer TRUMPF Maschine

Our engagement in community projects is guided by the particular social support needs in the regions where we operate. It is particularly important to us to give asylum seekers and people with disabilities prospects in the job market. We also give our employees the freedom they need for their personal community involvement.


JOBLINGE – Integration support for young asylum seekers

Since 2017 TRUMPF has supported the initiative JOBLINGE to help with the integration of young asylum seekers. The company offers a three-day practical training course entitled “JOBLINGE meets TRUMPF – together for diversity”. During various modules, the young people get to know TRUMPF and find out useful information about the work culture in Germany. The young people also receive training on how to apply for jobs. Many employees support the project by participating in the individual modules.

Work for people with disabilities - old IT hardware secures jobs

Social and environmental sustainability is an important issue for us. The non-profit IT company Arbeit für Menschen mit Behinderung (AfB) (Jobs for People with Disabilities) combines both in one. For this reason, TRUMPF regularly donates hardware that is no longer needed to the non-profit organisation. Donating the hardware not only reduces emissions and saves resources, but also creates jobs for people with disabilities. With the donations from TRUMPF alone, we secured three jobs for people with disabilities last year. 

Behindertenzentrum Stuttgart e.V. (Stuttgart Centre for the Disabled) – creating company-integrated jobs

We have been working with the Behindertenzentrum Stuttgart e.V (Bhz - Stuttgart Centre for the Disabled) for many years. Our objective: to encourage the participation of people with disabilities in society. For example, we offer company-integrated and supervised jobs in our production departments supervised by Bhz.

Funding application

TRUMPF also provides financial support for certain projects. If your project fits our areas of focus, send us a funding request. 

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