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LiftMaster Linear, Restgittertrennung

Automation components for 2D laser cutting machines

Automate your TruLaser laser cutting machine. For this, TRUMPF offers you a wide selection of modular components to find exactly the right automation solution for your production tasks. These range from semi-automatic loading to a fully-automated machine with storage connection.


LoadMaster, Jede 2-D-Lasermaschine einfach beladen

These components offer you the possibility of automatically supplying your machine with raw sheets.


Load material automatically, quickly, with less staff, and with maximum process reliability: the universal LoadMaster loading unit is the perfect automation component for 2D laser machines.

  • TruLaser 3030 / 3040 / 3060 / 3030 fiber / 3040 fiber
  • TruLaser 5030 / 5040 / 5060 / 5030 fiber / 5040 fiber
  • TruLaser 7025 fiber / 7040 7 7040 fiber
  • TruLaser 8000

Loading and unloading

LiftMaster Compact, Unser Klassenbester

With these components you can load your machine automatically and it is also possible to unload cut sheets.

LiftMaster Compact

The LiftMaster Compact is a fast, compact loading and unloading unit. The dynamic and variable automation solution is particularly attractive for fast sheet processing times.

  • TruLaser 3030 / 3040 / 3030 fiber / 3040 fiber
  • TruLaser 5030 / 5040 / 5030 fiber / 5040 fiber
LiftMaster Linear Basic

The LiftMaster Linear Basic is the slim solution for automated loading and unloading of sheets.

  • TruLaser 3030 / 3030 fiber
  • TruLaser 5030 / 5030 fiber
LiftMaster Shuttle

The LiftMaster Shuttle is the ideal automation enhancement for the TruLaser 2030 fiber laser cutting machine. The system loads and unloads sheets via a shuttle pallet.

  • TruLaser 2030 fiber

Loading, unloading, sorting and auxiliary pallet operation

LiftMaster, Flexibel be-, entladen und sortieren

These components load and unload your machine and can separate finished parts from the scrap skeleton if necessary. You can also benefit from auxiliary pallet operation.


The LiftMaster automation solution covers a broad range of functions thanks to a variety of installation versions. These range from simple loading and unloading processes to pallet handling and part removal.

  • TruLaser 3030 / 3040 / 3030 fiber / 3040 fiber
  • TruLaser 5030 / 5040 / 5030 fiber / 5040 fiber
  • TruLaser 7025 / 7040 / 7040 fiber
  • TruLaser 8000
LiftMaster Linear

The LiftMaster Linear is a universal frame solution. It automatically loads and unloads sheets, via its linear axis. It does this for up to three machines and a maximum of six tool stations.

  • TruLaser 3030 / 3040 / 3030 fiber / 3040 fiber / 3060
  • TruLaser 5030 / 5040 / 5030 fiber / 5040 fiber / 5060
LiftMaster Store

The frame solution, LiftMaster Store, is directly connected to the store and requires minimal space. In return, it offers more scope to design your production to meet your specific needs. Here, the LiftMaster Store is assisted by a number of tried-and-tested TRUMPF technologies.

  • TruLaser 3030 / 3040 / 3030 fiber / 3040 fiber
  • TruLaser 5030 / 5040 / 5030 fiber / 5040 fiber


Sort Master

This component sorts small and large parts fully automatically.


The SortMaster removes, sorts and stacks cut finished parts. When connected to the store with a LiftMaster, your 2D laser machine can be operated fully automatically. In this way you can manufacture reliably, on demand and around the clock – with maximum reliability and safety thanks to smart functions.

  • TruLaser 3030 / 3040 / 3030 fiber / 3040 fiber
  • TruLaser 5030 / 5040 / 5030 fiber / 5040 fiber
  • TruLaser 7025 fiber

Auxiliary pallet operation

PalletMaster Tower, Mehrfachpalettenwechsler

Benefit from automated pallet changes and compact storage technology – flexible material handling around the clock.

PalletMaster Tower

With the PalletMaster Tower, you can start unmonitored production affordably. The compact multiple pallet changer combines the automatic changing of pallets with compact storage technology. It can store up to 20 pallets of various material types and process them in a fully automatic fashion.

  • TruLaser 3030 / 3030 fiber
  • TruLaser 5030 / 5030 fiber

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