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LiftMaster, flexible loading, unloading and sorting
LiftMaster, flexible loading, unloading and sorting


Flexible loading, unloading and sorting

Flexible automation

The LiftMaster automation solution covers a broad range of functions thanks to a variety of installation versions. These range from simple loading and unloading processes to pallet handling and part removal. The basic module is the suction frame. It contains both carrier suction cups, for the transportation of the unprocessed sheet, and rake arms for conveying cut sheets. Thanks to the sorting function, the LiftMaster can also separate finished parts from the scrap skeleton and set them down.

Low-scratch sheet removal

The LiftMaster provides low-scratch part handling.

Numerous installation versions

The swivel arm of the LiftMaster automatically adjusts to the circumstances of your application.

Round-the-clock production

Even without supervision, the LiftMaster will run 24/7 without compromising process reliability.

Fast process cycles

The LiftMaster requires just four minutes for a complete loading and unloading cycle, including pallet change.

LiftMaster and LiftMaster Sort – flexible loading and unloading

Introduction to LiftMaster storage connection

LiftMaster Sort
Sorting function

With the LiftMaster Sort you can separate large parts from the scrap skeleton.

LiftMaster, belt prongs
Belt prongs

So-called belt prongs enable the unloading of parts with a high level of positioning accuracy and minimal scratching.

LiftMaster, auxiliary pallets
Auxiliary pallet operation

Auxiliary pallets support the loading and unloading process. The LiftMaster automatically takes care of their handling.

LiftMaster Linear, suction frame
Suction frame/unloading rake

The unloading rake takes the finished, processed sheet from the pallet changer and sets it down in the unloading area. The suction frame is fitted with individually controllable suction cups that pick up the unprocessed sheets from the loading area, and set them down onto the pallet changer.

LoadMaster, sheet metal separation with guaranteed process reliability
Thin sheet separation

With the thin sheet separation option, you can even separate film-coated or oily sheets with a thickness between 0.8 and 2 mm.

TruLaser 3030 with LiftMaster, PartMaster and TruStore 3030

TruLaser 3030 with LiftMaster, PartMaster and TruStore 3030

The LiftMaster connects a TruLaser 3030 indirectly with a TruStore 3030

The LiftMaster connects a TruLaser 3030 indirectly with a TruStore 3030

TruLaser 3030 with LiftMaster

TruLaser 3030 with LiftMaster


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