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Be a cut above the rest. Process tubes with lasers

There is something magical about every new beginning. In the case of laser tube cutting, it is the high-precision tool – the laser. You can even cut complex contours, wall thicknesses up to 10 mm, or materials like mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum with a diameter of up to 254 mm effortlessly with the laser. In addition to a variety of materials and shapes, laser tube cutting also offers even more – you can produce increasingly small lot sizes quickly and cost-efficiently.

This is what our customers say

Technical advantage increased. Part costs decreased

You can save a hefty 49% in time and 31% in part costs on our example part with a bend connection by using laser tube cutting. At the same time, you can also make your processes and organization simpler. Compared to conventional sawing, drilling, and milling, you can also reduce downstream work steps such as deburring, welding, or assembly. In just one operation, you can cut complex contours, form threads, and cut tubes to length.

A comparison of laser tube cutting and conventional production

or up to four small cars

This is the approximate weight that a TruLaser Tube machine can handle at one time.

million tons of steel tube
Worldwide production volume (in 2016)

You could recreate the Eiffel Tower more than 16,000 times with this amount.

Lower part costs
with laser tube cutting

Be more cost-effective. Save a third in part costs compared with conventional tube processing.

Become a pioneer in thinking outside the box

Cutting tubes and profiles using lasers opens up completely new avenues in design which were previously impossible using conventional processes. Free your design spirit and excite your customers with amazing design variants.

Would you like to hit the ground running right away?

Get experienced product experts from TRUMPF on your side. Regardless of whether you already have experience with conventional tube processing or want to tap into completely new business areas – we will support your project.

Whether it's small villages or big cities, tubes are used everywhere. Designs made from tubes and profiles are ubiquitous

Tubes are a fixture of our everyday lives:

From robust frame constructions for buses and agricultural machinery, delicate designer furniture and lamps to complex systems made from tubes in mechanical engineering and system construction – you can find tube designs that have been processed using lasers everywhere. No wonder – because there are few tools that can be used with such flexibility and offer so much contour freedom. Innovative products made from laser-cut tubes are already being used successfully – in the furniture industry, construction industry, automotive industry, commercial vehicles and transport, mechanical engineering, system construction, the agricultural sector, the fitness industry, and air-conditioning and energy technology.

This is what our experts say

Laser tube cutting provides new design options which enable tube processors to thrill their customers. Innovative designs also ensure a great potential for savings.

Norbert Beier
Head of Sales Laser Tube Cutting at TRUMPF

"The laser tool replaces many conventional machining processes such as milling, sawing, or punching in tube processing. This increases productivity significantly and reduces part costs considerably. Due to the integration of additional process steps, such as thread cutting, this benefit is increased even further."

Karl Schmid
Head of Product Management TruLaser Tube

The origin of TruLaser Tube machines

The Swabian Jura in Germany is where everything comes together. It is a holiday region that is affectionately sometimes also called the "Blue Belt". TRUMPF's impressive vertical range of manufacturing is tangible here. This is because all components needed to build a laser tube cutting machine reach final assembly here. In this hustle and bustle, trucks deliver parts from surrounding sites, day in, day out. These parts are needed to be able to finally deliver the finished machine.

May we present your future tools for laser tube cutting

TruLaser Tube 3000 fiber
TruLaser Tube 3000 fiber

The worthwhile machine: the TruLaser Tube 3000 fiber is economical even when it is not fully utilized. Thanks to its reliability and easy operation, it is perfect for first-time users or as a supplementary machine.

TruLaser Tube 5000 fiber
TruLaser Tube 5000 fiber

Breaks speed records: the TruLaser Tube 5000 fiber optimally exploits the strengths of the solid-state laser and allows you to produce with a high level of productivity. What does this mean for you? Short processing times and a wide range of possible parts.

Everything from a single source – only TRUMPF provides this

By entering into laser tube processing, you are setting a clear course for success in the long term. For this purpose, choose the complete package from the global market leader in laser technology. With a perfectly coordinated, constantly available production system, you will enjoy cutting with your machine for years to come.

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How have others done it? Find out more about our customers' success stories. They are some of the pioneers in their industries and often use completely new design options to manufacture their parts even more efficiently.

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