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Laser marking of electronic components

Highly efficient marking on the smallest of areas

Smartphones, PCs, electric cars – a quick glance at our day-to-day lives is enough to know that the electronics industry is huge. And it is growing rapidly. This would be impossible without laser technology. It enables the electronics industry to achieve the efficiency required in production processes. A major role is being played here by the laser marking of electronic components. Productivity is the priority. The laser is just what is needed where the smallest and most sensitive components require permanent markings.

Marking lasers are the preferred tools for marking sensitive electronic components. Process reliability is guaranteed by targeted energy input and stable laser properties – even for different types of component material. The markings must be resistant if the materials are to be exposed to harsh conditions. TRUMPF marking lasers offer flexibility in wavelengths, pulse durations and power classes required for the laser marking of electronic components. They are robust and have high availability. They therefore ensure the electronics industry remains productive.


Marking lasers from TRUMPF significantly reduce processing times.


Marking lasers can also be used to prepare materials for joining by roughening, cleaning and structuring

Gentle on the material

Laser marking exerts no force on the sensitive electronic components and heat input is low.


The laser enables many different component designs, whether small dimensioned or using different material combinations and intricate connections.

Achieving new standards in the laser marking of electronic components

TruMark 6030
TruMark 6030: Always delivering the power you need

The TruMark 6030 marking laser is versatile and highly productive. It has integrated power regulation to give your processes extra stability. Process times are reduced by its high available average power and pulse energy. Its 3D capability also enables complex contours to be processed. Markings are high quality to provide excellent clarity throughout the entire life of the product.

TruPulse nano

The TruPulse nano is ideal for the high-quality marking of printed circuit boards (PCBs). Non-contact and focused laser processing prevents damage to the PCB substrate. The high-speed galvo scanners integrated in the fibre laser and the electronic control of the temporal pulse shape enable cost-effective and high-quality results on a wide range of PCB materials.

TruMark Series 3000 – an all-around solution for materials and applications
TruMark Series 3000: Endless variety

Users can mark a wide range of materials using the TruMark Series 3000. The series provides the optimum wavelength for practically any material. A modular design further extends options. Laser marking of electronic components also benefits from the TruMark Series 3000's variable focus position adjustment. It also allows you to process different build heights faster and with greater process reliability.

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