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Laser marking of copper

Secure marking, engraving and labeling of copper using laser

An industrial sector without copper is unthinkable. The semi-precious metal conducts electricity and heat excellently, is easy to process and durable. But the laser marking of copper presents users with major challenges. Copper's properties make it a challenging material for lasers: it is highly reflective and absorbs very little light. However, users can still benefit from laser marking when applying serial numbers, data matrix codes and other markings to copper components.  

Copper's high reflectivity means that it absorbs little laser light. The lasers of many manufacturers are incapable of properly coupling copper components. Achieving the highest quality and durability of markings on copper requires laser power to be focused on a small area. To exceed the process threshold, laser pulses with high peak pulse power are required – as offered by TRUMPF products.

Laser marking is multifaceted

Fine and deep engraving as well as dark markings on copper are all possible using laser

Laser markings of stock

Laser-applied serial numbers, data matrix codes and logos are indestructible.

Getting the finished part faster

Component preparation such as cleaning and polishing is performed by the marking laser. This saves time.

The laser protects materials, the environment and budgets

Toxic consumables, wear and tear, high energy consumption? Not with the marking laser.

Where is laser marking on copper used?

Laser marking of copper: Suitable TRUMPF products

TruMark Series 5000 – flexible and productive with compact laser head
TruMark Series 5000: Pulse repetition frequency makes the difference

The TruMark Series 5000 is ideal for the deep engraving, microstructuring and surface processing of copper. It offers pulse durations that enable high peak pulse powers even at high pulse repetition frequencies. Users can therefore process copper components in successive passes using different pulse durations and frequencies. This gives markings on copper the desired quality – without any delay.

TRUMPF marking laser TruMicoMark Series 2000
TruMicro Mark: For maximum demands

Ultrashort pulse lasers provide huge benefits, especially with a highly heat-conductive and reflective material such as copper. The high peak pulse powers with pulses of just a few pico- and femtoseconds enable high levels of machining quality and process stability. Using such low pulse durations is also referred to as cold material processing. This means that heat does not reach the surroundings of the processed area.

TruPulse nano

The TruPulse nano's flexible pulse durations and frequencies as well as fast scanning times enable high-quality markings on different types of copper. Depending on the type of material, the laser can produce white, brown and orange colors in every shade. Scanning speeds are very high to make the overall processing time short.

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