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TRUMPF software
TRUMPF software

TruTops Fab becomes Oseon

Software for networked production in the world of sheet metal

The TRUMPF software for production control is now called Oseon. It elevates the TruTops Fab software into the age of networked production:

  • Oseon enhances TruTops Fab, giving you the advantage
  • Oseon contains the collective experience of TruTops Fab
  • It is easy to learn and operate Oseon

From TruTops Fab to Oseon – what's new?

The new and improved Oseon software offers you and your employees  unrivaled advantages: it is role-based and supports the users step by step as they go about their tasks. Oseon works continuously, with no media gaps or tedious module changes.

The right information at the right time: whether logistics specialist or warehouse operative, Oseon shows everyone in the team the relevant information for their roles – as much as necessary, as simply as possible.

Mobile and clearly arranged: thanks to mobile terminals, the information flow is accessible wherever you are and is adapted to your sheet metal processing system. If a machine operator takes on logistical tasks, they will find these in their application menu as well.

Easy to learn and to operate: thanks to a role-based structure and guided work steps, even new personnel can operate the software quickly – working productively from the very beginning.

How do you continue to work with TruTops Fab?

As a TruTops Fab user, you will easily enter and flourish in the new Oseon world – and benefit from new and improved functions.

Whether condition monitoring, production control, store management or business processing: the TruTops Fab functions, tried and tested in practice over many years, are still available.

You can flexibly switch your user interface to the role-based Oseon concept to combine the advantages of the new and existing software.

Oseon production software

TRUMPF Oseon key visual

Would you like to know more about production control with Oseon? Take a look at the Oseon website and ask your TRUMPF sales partner.

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