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The success story of our customer SNBC | TRUMPF

A Smart Factory in record time

A major order that cannot be supplied because of insufficient resources? For the Chinese company SNBC, this is not an option. The company management made virtue out of necessity and, with the help of TRUMPF, constructed a fully automated Smart Factory in record time.

Shandong New Beiyang Information Technology Co., Ltd (SNBC)
SNBC company logo

Shandong New Beiyang Information Technology Co., Ltd (SNBC) is a high-tech company that was founded by Weihai Beiyang Electric Group Co., Ltd in December 2002. It specializes in research and development, production, sales and service of products for thermo printing, identification and intelligent system integration. The company has established itself as a leading global supplier of ticket printers, scanners, ATMs and packing stations.


Thermo printing, identification and intelligent system integration products.

Number of employees

Approx. 2,000


Weihai City, Shandong Province (China)


In China, multiple large orders from six major customers in the logistics sector are reasons to celebrate. At SNBC, however, it initially caused a headache. The orders were for the production of automatic packing stations, and the contracts were scheduled to run for several years. The company's in-house sheet metal processing capacity was insufficient, and even contracting out to all nearby contract manufacturers would not have solved the problem. But refusing the order was also not an option, so only one possibility remained: building a new factory.


From the outset of this project, SNBC did not want to do anything halfway. Their vision was for fully automated production. According to the company, expertise and complete reliability are required to implement this project in the shortest possible time. "Both of these qualities had been demonstrated by TRUMPF many times in our company. We therefore quickly agreed to work with TRUMPF", says Liu Bo, Production Manager at SNBC.

Colleagues in front of a miniature model of production

"Our investment in the future has therefore paid off, even though we are only just at the start of our journey into Industry 4.0 with our first factory."

Liu Bo
Production Manager at SNBC


Using drawings of the packing stations, TruConnect experts first analyzed each individual part of the assembly. Four TRUMPF lasers, two punching machines and three bending machines, as well as the corresponding automation components, were connected to a 126-meter-long STOPA warehouse with 360 storage spaces and two shelf-operating systems. The warehouse is controlled by the TruTops Fab Storage module. It controls all material flows in production and manages warehouse stocks. This ensures the necessary material is always at the right machine at the right time and finished parts are conveyed to the next workstation. Automation has already enabled SNBC to increase its production by around 20 percent. Employees, who were familiarized with the system in several TRUMPF training workshops, have seen a significant reduction in their workloads.

Production hall at SNBC
Colleagues in front of a miniature model of production
Personnel holding a tablet
Exterior view of SNBC
Personnel sitting before a monitor


In March 2017, production began exactly in the way Liu Bo wanted. A follow-up project is already being planned. Liu: "The system has only been running for nine months, but we are already approaching the limits of our capacity again, mainly because of the confidence customers have about our production capabilities. Our investment in the future has therefore paid off, even though we are only just at the beginning of our journey into Industry 4.0 with our first factory.

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